The Scottish Labour Party faces a report of ‘mass migration’ when the second senior employee leaves


After losing a second senior member of staff just months before the Holyrood elections, the Scottish Labour Party is facing reports of a “mass exodus” of staff.

The Daily Record announced that the communications director of the group, Lynn McMath, is leaving the party elsewhere to take a new position.

This comes after General Secretary Michael Sharpe yesterday announced his resignation, citing support from a young family.

In recent months, Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard has faced heavy internal critique over the weak performance of his party in the polls.

Ahead of the Holyrood election, the top Scottish Labour official resigned

In last year’s general election, the party lost six of its seven seats in Scotland.

When she was hired last year, Ms. McMath, a PR veteran, was Mr. Leonard’s fourth spin doctor in 16 months.

Before going into the public and charitable sectors, she previously worked for the Labour Party.

A Scottish Conservative spokesperson said, “Labour is back in full crisis mode just five months before the election.”

A mass departure of its top leaders is a strong indication of a tumultuous political group.

“The once great Scottish Labour Party is losing staff as fast as it is losing supporters.”

Awards for Politician of the Year: A Labour viewpoint

A spokesperson for Scottish Labour said, “We do not comment on staff.”


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