The longest-serving MP warns against using Brexit as an independence justification for


In his speech on the Brexit bill, THE FATHER of the House of Commons warned the three major parties.

Brexit should not be used as an excuse for Scottish independence, said Sir Peter Bottomley, who was elected in 1975, and asked Boris Johnson to steer the party “in the right direction in the future.”

According to the Conservative MP, the nation must now “make a success” in the current situation, adding a message to the SNP, Labour and the Prime Minister.

He said, “We can, some of us, look at the past with affection and some admiration for what has been accomplished in the last year and look forward to the future with confidence.”

We should, I suppose, avoid using this as a justification for the independence of Scotland.

“We should accept that the Labour Party in many of its proud traditions has put the national interest above the party interest, and I say to the Prime Minister, as I said to him one day in sensible retreat, we want a leader we can trust, we want a cause that is just, so will he please lead us in the right direction in the future.”


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