SNP MPs announce that in the House of Commons vote they will oppose the Brexit agreement



The SNP has indicated that when it goes before the House of Commons on Wednesday, its MPs will vote against the Brexit agreement.

The Westminster leader of the party, Ian Blackford, said the agreement was a “disaster” for Scotland and declared that he and his colleagues would oppose it today after a parliamentary group meeting of the party.

Blackford said the Conservative government has “ignored” Scotland, adding that Scots should have the right to decide their own future as an independent nation.

The Brexit offer is pretty decent for a bad deal ‘- Iain Macwhirter on the Brexit deal

The SNP has proposed that it could rejoin the EU if Scotland were to become independent, although others have questioned whether this would be feasible or realistic.

The party also says that, due to Brexit, the Scottish economy has lost billions of pounds. A Scottish government study predicts that a hard Brexit will decrease Scottish GDP by around 6.1 percent – costing more than £ 9 billion to Scotland by 2030, or £ 1,600 for each individual equivalent.

Mr. Blackford said, “The extreme Tory Brexit of Boris Johnson is an unforgivable act of economic vandalism and gross stupidity that will cause lasting economic damage and leave the UK at the worst possible time – during a pandemic and economic recession – much worse off.”

Throughout the Brexit era, Scotland was utterly forgotten by Westminster and we are being forced to pay a crippling price. It is clear that becoming an independent country is the only way to protect the interests of Scotland and restore the full benefits of EU membership.

“This is a very bad deal for Scotland that would bring an end to our EU membership, tear us out of the largest single market and customs union in the world, end our freedom of movement rights and place red tape mountains, additional costs and trade barriers on Scottish companies. The Tory government is squarely responsible for this.

The substitution of Erasmus after Brexit would cost more than £ 100 million next year.

“The government of the United Kingdom itself admits that remaining in the EU is the best deal possible. Analysis shows that the hard Tory Brexit introduced by Boris Johnson will slash Scottish GDP by around 6.1 percent, costing more than £ 9 billion, or £ 1,600 per individual equivalent. This Tory hammer blow is catastrophic and totally unnecessary for the economy.

Industries and communities in Scotland will face higher costs and limited access to EU markets. The privileges of EU membership will be lost, including our right to live, work and research throughout Europe. Collaboration in the fields of justice and security will decrease. The Tories have also exposed broken promises to our fishing communities as another pack of lies.

With Labour backing Boris Johnson, it is clear that, regardless of how Scotland votes, Westminster will force through this tough Tory Brexit, but it will not be done on our behalf. It is a catastrophe for Scotland.

Meanwhile, Alister Jack, Secretary of State for Scotland, said Scots would expect their MPs on Wednesday to vote for the agreement and encouraged all MPs to support it.

The deal was a good thing for the country, he said, and would help farmers and fishermen.

Mr. Jack said, “We have concluded with the EU a historic free trade agreement that will benefit Scotland and the UK as a whole.” The agreement includes trade, defense, travel, transport, energy, health and social security, and is deep and wide-ranging.

As Parliament prepares to vote this week on the deal, I encourage all Scottish MPs to support it wholeheartedly.

Outside the EU, the United Kingdom will be able to make its own trade agreements with the wider world, giving exporters and some of Scotland’s best-known brands new prospects.

“The deal avoids tariffs for our producers on their world-leading Scottish lamb and beef.

“The agreement provides what we have promised for our fishermen and coastal communities.

We regain control of our waters, we restore our status as an independent coastal state, and our total catch share in our waters will rise sharply even during the five-year adaptation cycle.

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