Richard Leonard: The greedy SNP claims that Scotland has a right to rule


The leader of the Scottish Labour Party has said Greedy SNP politicians feel they have a right to rule Scotland.

Richard Leonard made the remarks when he insisted that devolution was delivered by his party and would defend it.

He said he believed a devolved parliament “is still the popular choice of the Scottish people.” inside the United Kingdom.

Speaking to Times Radio, Mr. Leonard said, “The questions I’m asked are based on the fact that the SNP won a majority [in May’s Holyrood election], and there is a certain arrogance in the SNP, there is a certain belief that they somehow have the right to govern for the next five years. I dispute that.”

His remarks came after Mr. Leonard’s radio station played the results of a 2014 No Voters focus group, which dismissed his party as “finished” and “rippling along.”

The Scottish Labour Party has experienced a drop in the number of voters, Mr. Leonard said, and wants to turn it around.

He said that he was “not too fascinated by polls,” but emphasized that the size of the challenge was not underestimated.

He said that when the United Kingdom recovers from the coronavirus crisis, people would have to make decisions.

“He said, “The parallel between now and the 20th. I think the century is very telling, because we can either come out of this crisis like we came out of the First World War and limp through a recession and depression, or we can come out of this crisis like we came out of the Second World War and create a new kind of society, with a different priority, and fix the great disparities we face and invest in.

Asked if after the Holyrood elections in May he would be First Minister, Leonard said he was “fighting for every single vote and every single seat.”

He said that he offered a “different kind of future.”

He said deprivation and child poverty in Scotland are on the rise and Labour is “will not offer more of the same.”


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