Note: Gove says Blackford from SNP to face citizen arrest over Brexit Bill


“citizens’ arrest”citizens’ arrest.

The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster scolded the previous remarks made by the SNP on a ‘no-deal’ departure from the EU and said that was what the party was doing today by refusing to vote in the House of Commons on the EU (Future Relationship) Bill.

The longest-serving MP warns against using Brexit as an independence statement.

He explained, “Nicola Sturgeon said it would be a catastrophic idea to have a No Deal. She said the SNP could not endorse a No Deal in any way. She said SNP MPs would do everything they could to avoid a No Deal…. Except to vote against it today, of course.”

In fact, the SNP was so opposed to no agreement that the Edinburgh South West member [Joanna Cherry] went to court to guarantee that he would go to prison if the Prime Minister pulled us out of the European Union without an agreement.

“Now the leader of the SNP is voting to take us out of the EU without a deal. He’s doing something that his own party says should be a criminal offense punishable by jail.”

“Mr. Gove then asked what Ian Blackford was going to do, adding, “And what is he going to do now? Turn in? Send the member for Edinburgh South West to a citizen’s arrest? If his party sticks to its previous convictions, then I will vote for him, of course, and the cry will go out of these “Free the Lochabar One” benches.

Mr. Blackford could be seen attempting to suppress a laugh at the opposition benches’ remarks.


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