Nicola Sturgeon urges MSPs to refuse to accept a ‘harmful’ Brexit contract


NICOLA Sturgeon would oppose the SNP to the “damaging” Brexit deal by Boris Johnson – with the Scottish Parliament expected to withhold its consent to the EU agreement.

“In Holyrood today, on behalf of the prime minister, the SNP, Scottish Labour, Scottish Greens and Scottish Lib Dems will vote on a parliamentary consent memorandum asking for a halt to the “inadequate and harmful” Brexit agreement.

Westminster MPs will also vote on the Brexit deal, where the prime minister has called the lengthy saga a “historic solution”

Johnson told MPs before the Brexit vote that the UK may be the ‘best friend’ of the EU.

The Sewel Convention says, after Scottish devolution, that the U.K. Without the permission of Holyrood, Parliament “will not normally make any law relating to devolved matters without the consent”

On a handful of occasions in the past, the Scottish Parliament has withheld its consent – including the Brexit withdrawal deal and the Internal Market Bill. But the Sewel Convention is not legally binding, meaning the will of Holyrood may be overridden by Westminster.

The First Minister emphasizes in the motion that the people of Scotland have never voted for Brexit and warns that the U.K. Parliament’s Future Partnership Bill would not defend the interests of Scotland and the U.K.

Due to the content of the Brexit deal and what is presented as a lack of time to review the agreement, Ms. Sturgeon’s motion asks MPs to withhold approval of the legislation.

“The Scottish Parliament, like the Scottish people, has always supported Scotland’s membership of the EU and membership of the Single Market and Customs Union since the 2016 referendum,” the First Minister said.

“The question before the Scottish Parliament is not whether there is this deal or no deal, but whether this deal is good or bad for Scotland.”

Nicola Sturgeon claims that Holyrood does not adhere to the Brexit agreement.

Ms Sturgeon added: “Alternatives have been consistently put forward by the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament.” Although noting that the UK is leaving the EU, we have suggested that the Single Market and the Customs Union remain.

These proposals have been dismissed by the UK government. It has overlooked the opinions, principles and desires of Scotland. It has struck a compromise that is devastating for Scotland.

“From the U.K. The government’s agreement would place costs on corporations, restrict the options of people and sacrifice its own foreign influence – it will fail to use it to win powers.

“This agreement represents a major sell-out and a broken pledge even for the fishing industry – maybe the only sector that really believed Brexit would bring benefits.

Brexit deal: The Scottish government says that main stocks of fish would fall

The effect is a deal that is detrimental to the UK as a whole – but perhaps especially detrimental to Scotland. It does not obtain the Scottish Parliament’s approval.

The Scottish Labour Party will split with the U.K. party of Sir Keir Starmer and also refuse to vote for the bill – with party leader Richard Leonard calling the agreement “half-baked.”

Brexit: Scottish Labour Party to vote against Boris Johnson’s acceptance of the deal

Today, Boris Johnson would inform MPs that the UK would be “the best friend and ally the EU could have” thus fulfilling the British people’s “sovereign wish” to live under its own rules.

He would tell MPs in a speech in the House of Commons, “The central purpose of the Bill is to accomplish something that the British people have always known in their hearts was possible, but it was impossible to do what we were told.”

“Namely, that we can trade and cooperate with our European neighbors on the closest terms of friendship and goodwill, while retaining sovereign control over our laws and our national destiny.”


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