NHS staff in Glasgow face hours of waiting for the Covid 19 vaccine


After NHS workers were forced to wait for hours in a queue outside a hospital after vaccination staff failed to show up, Scottish Labour demanded answers from Jeane Freeman.

Dozens of workers were reportedly forced to queue outside Glasgow Royal Infirmary for more than two and a half hours after a “administrative error” to collect the coronavirus vaccine – despite freezing winter temperatures.

Jeane Freeman was invited by the Scottish Labour Party to discuss why this could happen, what effect it had on Royal Infirmary patient care and provide an assurance that similar scenes would not be replicated around the country.

NHS bosses have apologised for the mistake and announced that this week will be made up of missed appointments.

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“It is simply unacceptable that dozens of NHS personnel have had to queue outside in the cold for hours, well into the evening,” said Monica Lennon, Scottish Labour’s health and social care spokeswoman.

Frontline hospital staff who had appointments were left in health-threatening situations and for hours stopped doing their duties at the hospital.

There is no higher priority than the vaccination program, and that is why it is vital for Jeane Freeman to guarantee the people of Scotland that such scenes will not be replicated in the coming months across the world.

NHS staff are queuing for the Covid 19 vaccine

“It’s time Jeane Freeman got a grip on the vaccination program, published daily figures on the number of vaccinations available and administered, and ensured our NHS staff don’t pay the price for a botched rollout.”

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“We sincerely apologize to anyone who was unable to receive their COVID-19 vaccination this morning at Glasgow Royal Infirmary,” said a spokesperson for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

“Unfortunately, vaccine workers were not on site this morning to administer the vaccines due to a scheduling error. We apologize for this error.

“We are making arrangements for those who missed their appointment to be offered another appointment this afternoon or another appointment this week.”


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