Like coronavirus vaccination locations, Brewdog offers closed bars


After he offered to use his closed bars as coronavirus vaccination sites, Nicola Sturgeon thanked BrewDog’s co-founder.

Ms. Sturgeon and the UK were tweeted by James Watt. Health Secretary Matt Hancock suggested that the pubs of the craft beer firm could be used to distribute the vaccine rapidly.

There are hundreds of bars around the country at the Aberdeenshire-based brewery, both in Scotland and in central London.

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Hey, thank you. I’m going to pass it on to our vaccine team.

– Nicola Sturgeon 31 December 2020 (@NicolaSturgeon)

Hi Matt Hancock & Nicola Sturgeon, Mr. Watt tweeted. To assist with a quick vaccine delivery, we would love to give our closed @BrewDog venues. For free. For free. For free.

We have waiting areas, massive refrigerators, separate vaccine rooms and a wonderful team to help coordinate.

“We want to help.”

“Thank you. I’ll pass this along to our vaccination team.” Ms. Sturgeon responded.

“We look forward to working with the government to do all we can to help with a rapid and effective vaccine rollout, and we’d like to thank Nicola Sturgeon for getting back to us so quickly.” a spokeswoman for BrewDog told PA News Agency.

During an earlier visit to BrewDog at Edinburgh Airport (Andrew Milligan/PA) by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon,

Because of the coronavirus, bars are presently closed in several parts of the UK.

For their sacrifices and courage during 2020, Nicola Sturgeon thanks the Scots

BrewDog previously released a beer – dubbed “Barnard Castle Eye Test” after a fan vote – in response to the Dominic Cummings dispute, whose profits will go towards creating the NHS hand sanitizer.


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