Johnson’s tirade about ‘waste of money’ £12 million Churchill files From the archives:


COLUMNIST Boris Johnson argued that the grant from the National Lottery to purchase his hero Winston Churchill’s archives was a waste of money.

The acquisition was contentious because the grandson of Winston Churchill, Winston Churchill MP, had sought to flog off the papers for decades, while some felt that they belonged to the state already, since they related to wartime plans and notes.

With the aid of a £ 12.5 million lottery grant from Churchill College in Cambridge, the documents were finally bought.

In his 1995 Telegraph column, Mr. Johnson wrote that lottery players “sacrificed their cigarettes and crunchies to buy a ticket.”

He wrote: “Perhaps the lottery players of the nation would have… mourned if their collected stakes had not found their way into the pockets of Winston Churchill MP and Socialist, who is getting £ 12.5 million to keep newspapers in this nation.”

“Perhaps they are all delighted, the millions in the lower income brackets, the factory workers, the sales clerks, the unemployed, that Lord Rothschild’s fund has also decided to buy Mar Lodge in Scotland for the nation,” he said.

But at least they can console themselves that they were not completely wasting their money! Think, just! The country has declared the finest stalking property for itself in Scotland! ”

Mr. Johnson said sarcastically that it was “a relief to learn that Sir Richard Rogers, vice chairman of the Arts Council, left the room when the council decided to give £980,000 for his Crystal Palace design for the South Bank.”

Boris Johnson and his cabinet have faced concerns about a chumocracy in Whitehall since becoming prime minister, with contracts and jobs linked to the coronavirus pandemic granted to individuals with close links to senior government ministers.


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