Jeane Freeman revokes the suggestion that some areas can remain under lockdown


The Health Minister of Scotland has removed her suggestion that certain areas after Dec. 11 will stay under lock and key.

Jeane Freeman said that “all options are on the table” and on Tuesday a decision will be announced.

This came amid persistent insistence from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon that on Dec. 11, stage four restrictions would be lifted in areas such as Glasgow.

Ms. Freeman has now indicated that she was speaking correctly.

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“She tweeted, “On Friday, 11 local authorities currently at level 4 are going to come out of that level. This status has not changed.

“On Tuesday, the cabinet will determine what amount they will go to below 4.

“My comments were meant to say that in terms of that decision, all options are on the table.”

Ms. Freeman was asked, appearing on the BBC’s Politics Scotland show, whether any Tier 4 areas could stay in that tier.

She said, ‘As you would imagine, all choices are on the table.

That doesn’t mean that people, one way or the other, should read from that decision.

“The work continues over the weekend so we have the most up to date data, the most up to date clinical advice, then we make a decision as cabinet on Tuesday and the First Minister makes that announcement on Tuesday.”

“Ms. Sturgeon previously said, “On December 11th, Level 4 restrictions in the areas will be lifted.

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“Between now and then, we need to make an assessment based on current data as to what levels these areas will then go to.

Are they going to go back to level 3, or will any of them go to level 2?

“We can’t make that assessment now because we have to wait for the data, but the level four restrictions will be lifted on Dec. 11.”


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