How a press conference with Donald Trump took place outside an adult bookstore


When his legal staff ended up having to hold a press conference in front of a landscaping firm, Donald Trump’s effort to remain in the White House turned into a farce.

It ended at Four Season Complete Landscaping, a company sandwiched between an adult bookstore and a crematorium on the outskirts of the city, instead of the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia.

In a since-deleted post, Mr. Trump had revealed that at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia there would be a “big press conference”

To clarify, at the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia, President Trump’s press conference will NOT be held.

It will take place in the Total Landscaping Four Seasons-no partnership with the hotel.

November 7, 2020, – Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia at Comcast Center (@FSPhiladelphia).

The luxurious Four Seasons hotel had to explain that it was not involved in Rudy Giuliani’s press conference, as the still-incumbent president played golf and proceeded to say that the election was stolen from him.

The case ended up taking place in the Garden Center parking lot.

For thousands on social media, the odd location and the chaos were a feast, including comedians who poked fun with jokes and memes in the situation.

US presidential election: Joe Biden vows in victory speech to ‘unite the nation’

The press conference was held at the same time that Joe Biden was announced the winner of the 2020 presidential election by many media outlets.

Some compared the odd incident to something like the BBC show Thick Of It or the U.S. version of the comedy Veep that came out of a political satire.

Mr. Trump insisted that the election was “far from over,” and Mr. Giuliani claimed that the president would not recognize the race at the press conference, alleging without proof that hundreds of thousands of ballots were in doubt.

“Trump will not concede,” he said.

“Networks can’t decide elections,” Mr. Giuliani said.

When pointed out by a reporter that Joe Biden had just been declared the winner of the election, he replied, “Don’t be ridiculous.”

What happens if Donald Trump doesn’t concede the U.S. election?

Whoever at Four Seasons Landscaping took the call about a press conference, having never hosted a live event/press conference before, and said, “Sure we can make that happen!” is a goddamn American hero and the height of opportunistic capitalism.

– Brock Wilbur (@brockwilbur) November 8, 2020


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