Gordon Brown ‘confident’ voters will not accept Scottish independence


According to Gordon Brown, Scotland will not opt for independence despite having a prime minister who is ‘out-of-touch’ on devolution.

The former prime minister expected that in another referendum, even with Boris Johnson as prime minister, Scots would opt to remain in the United Kingdom.

Brown cautioned that holding the union intact would be a “uphill battle” and said that he thought people would not support independence and called on Boris Johnson to do something that shows that he cares about Scotland.

Speaking to Sky News, after the prime minister said Scottish devolution was “completely out of touch with reality” Brown called Boris Johnson “a disaster.”

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown said of Scottish independence, saying, “I think if there was a referendum, we would win it and Scotland would stay in the UK,” adding, “There is a growing sense that people in all regions feel they are not being listened to. “#Ridge https://t.co/7d85kNDhUM pic.twitter.com/EU59rVlrQGRVlrQG.

– Sophy Ridge on Sunday, December 6, 2020 (@RidgeOnSunday).

Speaking on Sophy Ridge on Sunday, Mr. Brown said: “I believe we would win if there were a referendum and Scotland would stay in the UK.”

“But it’s going to be an uphill battle because people are frustrated, they’re fed up, not just in Scotland but in the regions of England and Wales.”

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This follows a series of polls showing rising popularity for Scottish independence, the latest being an STV Ipsos MORI poll finding to support Scottish independence by 56 percent.

In spite of the polls, Mr. Brown claimed that next year there should not be another independence referendum since the country is economically recovering from the pandemic, vaccinations are being carried out, and there are no more coronavirus waves.

Referring to Mr. Johnson’s remarks on devolution, Mr. Brown said, “He’s totally out of touch with fact and that’s why he’s not famous in Scotland.

“But he wouldn’t be popular in Wales either, where people want devolution to work.”

Brown indicated that Johnson “must do something to show that he cares about Scotland,” adding, “You, the prime minister, must try to unite the country at the end of the day.”

“You can’t rely on different parts of the country automatically coming together, you have to bring people together.”

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Brown said there needs to be a “much better balance between the powers of nations and regions” and the government at Westminster in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.

The former MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath proposed that more powers should rest with the devolved nations and the regional mayors of England over the economy, public health and jobs.

We have regions with very different needs and different traditions and different cultures and different aspirations,”There is something wrong with the British constitution because we now have a multinational state – we have regions with very different needs and different traditions and different cultures and different aspirations,”There is something wrong with the British constitution because we now have a multinational state.

“But this government has not found a way to cooperate with them, to consult with them, to work with them.”

What is your suggestion to a chancellor who wants to switch from No. 11 to No. 10?

Gordon Brown says that with his economic strategy, Rishi Sunak will have “big problems in the future” and is “making errors now that he should correct.” Pic.twitter.com/TvkS2nMn0III “#Ridge https://t.co/7d85kNDhUM”

– On Sunday, Sophy Ridge (@RidgeOnSunday) 6 December 2020

He added, “This is really important because we have failed as far as I can tell in testing and on the track.”

“a step backwards”a step backward”violate his human rights”violate his human rights

“We have a massive vaccination epidemic.

“Boris Johnson was branded “fully out of touch with fact” by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown over his remarks on devolution (Robert Perry/PA)

“It’s great what the scientists have done, but if we don’t have local systems of delivery that are coordinated with training people and supplies and logistics to get the supplies there, then this vaccination is not going to work as it should,” he said.

It’s an immense challenge that lies ahead of us, and that’s why we’re doing it.


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