Fishing protest: Lorries pile up near Downing Street in protest over Brexit export issues


A number of fishing lorries have been stationed near Downing Street in a protest over Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal following issues exporting fish to the EU.

According to reports, fish suppliers plan to dump their catch outside Number 10 in a protest over new Brexit trading arrangements.

 Scots fishermen admit sailings to Denmark to sell their fish because of Brexit in PM protest

Reuters news agency reports that one lorry logan bears the slogan “Brexit Carnage” metres from Downing Street, while another reads “Incompetent Government Destroying Shellfish Industry.”

Good on these guys Well done ,@BorisJohnson i hope yr watching @MPGeorgeEustice Teething problems you say
— john Clark (@jrclarkbf800) January 18, 2021

Footage shows a number of large trucks driving through central London en route to Whitehall. 

Several years ago the media jumped on hoey and farage doing their rotting fish prank on the Thames.

This morning our own Scottish fishing industry is doing laps of Whitehall in protest and I can’t see any kind of coverage anywhere.

What is going on?
— Calum_R91 (@CalumR91) January 18, 2021

Yesterday, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab claimed delays to fishing experts were simply “teething problems”.

Asked about the potential collapse of parts of the fishing industry because of problems caused by the Brexit deal, Mr Raab said: “I’m not convinced that that is the result of the agreement.

 Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab insists Scottish fishing crisis a Brexit ‘teething problem’

“The agreement we have struck – short term, medium term and long term – will create huge, sustainable opportunities.

“Of course we have always said as we leave the transition period with a deal, but even more if we hadn’t found a deal, there will be some teething problems.

Some Scottish fishermen have been landing their catch in Denmark to avoid the “bureaucratic system” that exports to Europe now involve, according to Scotland’s Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing.


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