Devolved governments share coronavirus support of £ 800 million


An additional 800 million pounds of coronavirus funding to be shared by the devolved administrations has been announced by the Treasury.

For the Scottish government, this will be divided into £ 400 million, £ 200 million for the Welsh government and £ 200 million for the government of Northern Ireland.

In addition to the funding outlined in the spring 2020 budget, the Treasury said this raises the upfront funding guarantee for the devolved administrations to at least 16.8 billion pounds.

It said it was possible to spend the money on areas such as business support or the NHS.

“We have already pledged unprecedented support for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland,” said Chief Treasury Secretary Steve Barclay.

This increased support will give nations the trust they need to prepare for these daunting months.

“We remain committed to economic recovery across the UK and will continue to work closely with the devolved administrations to support people and businesses.”

“During this difficult time, Scottish Minister Alistair Jack said, “The UK Government is committed to helping individuals in all parts of the UK and that is why we have made an additional £ 400 million available to the Scottish Government today for its Covid 19 initiatives.

After the Spring Budget 2020, this takes our overall additional Covid 19 funding to Scotland to £ 8.6 billion.

“This is in addition to the UK Government’s direct Covid 19 support for people and businesses in Scotland, including the vacation and self-employment programs, business loans, VAT cuts for the hardest hit sectors and billions invested in our jobs plan and social safety net.”


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