Coronavirus: Sunday front pages with Covid restrictions dominate


At a glance, the newspaper

The front pages of Sunday are dominated by tightening coronavirus restrictions on millions – and by the effect on Christmas.

We have a look at the front pages of UK-wide Sunday newspapers.

With “bursting the bubble” and Christmas plans by Nicola Sturgeon taking center stage, Christmas restrictions kick things off.

The page on the front

A surging mutant virus cancels Christmas,”Christmas is canceled by a surging mutant virus,”

The Sunday Times reports on the drastic new regulations and shares what you need to know about the new Covid-19 strain. Christmas canceled:

– December 19, 2020, The Sunday Times (@thesundaytimes)

The National is also headlining the Covid restrictions, with the title Tough Love causing Nicola Sturgeon to say the Covid Christmas restrictions are making her cry. The National is also headlining the Covid restrictions.

Front page tomorrow: Nicola Sturgeon reveals new Scottish lockdown pic.
– Global (@ScotNational) 19/12/2020

The constraints with the heading “Nightmare before Christmas” are also discussed by Scotland on Sunday.

Today’s front print page @scotonsunday.
-December 20, 2020, The Scotsman (@TheScotsman)

The Sunday Telegraph notes that as those in England who wish to leave Tier 4 areas have been ordered to unpack their bags, people’s plans have been “thrown into chaos”

The front page of the Sunday Telegraph: ‘Millions of Christmas Canceled’ #tomorrowspaperstoday’

– The Telegraph (@Telegraph) 19/12/2020

Coronavirus: strict new Covid laws introduced in Scotland at Christmas

With the plain headline, “PM cancels Christmas” The Independent headlines.

INDEPENDENT DIGITAL: PM cancels cancels Christmas #TomorrowsPapersToday

– Neil Henderson (@hendopolis) 19/12/2020

With the cancellation of Christmas and the fresh limitations, the Sunday Times leads.

Christmas canceled: The Sunday Times reports on the dramatic new constraints and shows everything you need to know about the new tribe of Covid-19
– December 19, 2020, The Sunday Times (@thesundaytimes)

“public anger”last-gasp change of mind,”last-gasp change of mind.”public anger.

Missing Xmas #tomorrowspaperstoday front page on Sunday:

– Daily Mirror (@DailyMirror) 19/12/2020

While the Sunday People say that Boris Johnson is “grim” for millions after canceling Christmas.

Sunday’s front page: Xmas #tomorrowspaperstoday destroys mutant virus pic.

December 19, 2020 – The Sunday People (@thesundaypeople)

In Scotland, the Sunday Mail focuses on restrictions in Scotland and says the nightmare of Covid continues.

Hello, good morning. Today’s Sunday Mail talks on the bursting of the Christmas bubble in Scotland by Nicola Sturgeon to tackle a new Covid version – 19th #scotpapers
– Mail on Sunday (@Sunday Mail) 20 December 2020

Coronavirus: large crowds assemble in St Pancras to avoid London’s tight Tier 4 Christmas restrictions

The Sunday Mail asks, “Will this nightmare ever end?” The Sunday Express says Mr. Johnson is “bitterly disappointed” to have postponed Christmas plans and “Bozo stuffs Xmas” headlines on Sunday in the Daily Star.

MAIL ON SUNDAY: Will it ever end this nightmare? #TomorrowsPapersToday

– Neil Henderson (@hendopolis) 19/12/2020

Front page tomorrow:’ Fast-spreading Covid-19 Christmas ruins’

– Daily Express (@Daily Express) 19/12/2020

‘Bozo disrupts Christmas’ front page tomorrow:’

– Daily Star (@dailystar) 19/12/2020


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