Coronavirus Scotland: over 113,000 people are now vaccinated


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As Nicola Sturgeon reported that more than 113,000 people have already received the vaccine, more than 1,000 vaccination sites will be up and running across Scotland.

At her daily coronavirus briefing, the First Minister said that in the “next four weeks” all over-80s will receive their first dose of the vaccine – although “more than 1,100 vaccination sites will be up and running across Scotland,” including GP surgeries.

Ms. Sturgeon praised the beginning of the vaccine rollout in Scotland, reporting that as of Sunday, 113,459 individuals had received their first dose of Pfizer Zack.

She added: “We now have well over half of the first dose of the vaccine vaccinated by care home residents.”

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“We are very hopeful that the vaccine will begin very soon to significantly reduce the risk of nursing home residents contracting the virus.”

Ms. Sturgeon added that the initiative “is already beginning to protect a significant proportion of people who are most vulnerable to Covid.”

The First Minister was under pressure from the Scottish Conservatives to publish daily data on the number of vaccinated individuals.

There are no reasons for Nicola Sturgeon not to publish frequent vaccination statistics.

Boris Johnson has pledged to publish daily figures, and Ms. Sturgeon had previously stated that she would not make a commitment to follow suit.

But the First Minister confirmed that Monday’s “every weekday” statistics will now be released by the Scottish government.


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