Coronavirus Scotland: In Scotland, what are the latest Covid Christmas rules?


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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has proposed fresh Christmas rules for the nation following reports of a faster-spreading Covid strain.

The plans see a huge decline in “bubble plans” for Christmas with the maximum degree of limitations levied by Boxing Day on the Scottish mainland.

It falls in the midst of a new Covid variant. While only 17 cases have been confirmed in Scotland so far of the Covid 19 mutation, Ms. Sturgeon said the government would intervene to suppress its spread and enforce a number of tactics, including a travel ban.

Coronavirus: Strict new covid laws that were implemented this Christmas in Scotland

Here is a look at some of the new rules for Christmas, and what new constraints are going into effect.

– For Christmas Day, what do the changes mean?

Up to eight individuals from a maximum of three households will also be permitted to be in the house on Christmas Day in Scotland.

Nevertheless, no travel in or out of Scotland will be permitted as a “strict travel ban” will apply, Ms. Sturgeon said.

She encouraged Scots to only meet “if it is really necessary.” with other households.

First Minister @NicolaSturgeon has announced that in order to avoid the spread of a new, extremely infectious strain of the virus, Scotland will dramatically tighten security measures against coronavirus.

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– Government of Scotland (@scotgov) December 19, 2020

– Would the constraints for the whole Christmas season be relaxed?

Oh, no. Plans have now been scrapped for a UK-wide easing of restrictions from December 23-27.

Until Christmas Day, there will be no changes to the existing restrictions.

– What’s going to happen after Boxing Day?

On Boxing Day, for at least three weeks, all of mainland Scotland will be put under Level 4 restrictions – the highest of the five levels.

With the exception of takeaways, drive-throughs and deliveries, non-essential supermarkets, pubs and restaurants may have to close.

It will only be allowed for critical drives.

The Scottish islands – Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles – will be graded as Category 3, with higher limits on meetings and hospitality.

After two weeks, the lockout will be checked, Ms. Sturgeon said.

– Will schools be affected?

During the final days of this school year before the start of the Christmas holiday, school activities will begin as usual.

For most students, the Christmas break will now be extended until January 11, while schools will reopen as scheduled for the most disadvantaged students and key workers’ children.

But, Ms. Sturgeon has announced, classes will take place online for at least the first week of the new term.

“She said, “After that — assuming we’re sure that we have the virus under control — we’re going to try to completely reopen schools.

“But at least until January 18, schools will only go online for the children of key individuals and those most at risk.”

– Why has this been put in place?

The move comes after scientists from the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (NervTag) of the government concluded that the mutant strain reported by Public Health England is spreading faster, known as VUI2020/01.

It could be up to 70 percent more transmissible than the old version, Ms. Sturgeon said.

Ms. Sturgeon said that the current strain of the virus is the “most serious and potentially dangerous situation” since the pandemic started at an emergency briefing on coronavirus on Saturday night.

“She added: “If it wasn’t for this new strain, because our case numbers are still very stable at the moment – because of the approach we’ve taken – I wouldn’t be standing here announcing this now.

Coronavirus Scotland: main results from the Covid briefing with Nicola Sturgeon.

“This is a preventative measure because we know there is a more rapidly transmissible strain out there, and so we are taking preventative action,” she said.

You act quickly and you don’t regret it later, and that’s what we’re trying to do.”Everything we’ve learned about this virus says you do this – you act quickly and you don’t regret it later, and that’s what we’re trying to do.”Everything we’ve learned about this virus says you do this.

1,292,948 people who were screened for #coronavirus in Scotland

The total number of individuals reported to be positive rose by 572 to 110,612.

Sadly, 41 other positive tests have died (4,280 total)

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– Government of Scotland (@scotgov) December 19, 2020

– What’s going to happen?


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