Coronavirus: Boris Johnson urges the country after the new lockdown to ‘pull together’


Following the new lockdown announcement, Boris Johnson has called for everyone in the UK to “pull together”

Since March, the Prime Minister has imposed England’s toughest national lockdown, with Nicola Sturgeon also taking Scotland into lockdown until at least the end of January in an effort to combat any further spread of the latest strain of coronavirus.

The First Minister called upon the country to come together in a series of tweets and encouraged the public to stay home.

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I want to say to everyone in the UK, I know how hard it is, I know how upset you are, I know that you’ve had more than enough government orders to tackle this virus. 1/3 1/3
– January 5, 2021 Boris Johnson (@BorisJohnson)

He wrote: “I want to tell everyone in the UK that I know how hard this is, I know how frustrated you are, I know that you have had more than enough guidance from the government to defeat this virus.”

“But we need to come together now, more than ever. We tip the odds against Covid and in favor of the British people with each vaccine that enters our arms. And not only is the end in sight, thanks to the wonder of science, but we know just how we’ll get there.

“But for now, I’m afraid, once again you’ll have to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.”

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey said that when it comes to the need for a national lockdown, the prime minister has formed a costly habit of acting too late on the advice of experts.

“He told BBC Breakfast, “I’m afraid this prime minister now has a record: those lockdowns are still late for him.

He was late for the first time, late for the second time, late for the third time – all because he followed the experts’ advice.

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“He ignored Cobra last February, he ignored Sage (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) on Sept. 21, he ignored Sage again on Dec. 22.

“He always seems to put off difficult decisions until the last minute, and that means people end up paying the price, either with disruptions in their lives or, in some cases, their lives.

“I’m afraid we will support these measures, but we just wish the prime minister was a little more competent.”


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