Brexit: How the European media responded to the approval of the EU-UK trade agreement by MPs


The United Kingdom is leaving the transition phase after a landmark day in the House of Commons and is entering a new alliance with the 27 member states.

After the government passed through the House of Commons and House of Lords’ approval in a single day, Boris Johnson’s EU trade deal left Parliament.

A third reading with no votes against, MPs gave the European Union (Future Relationship) Bill, which ratifies the agreement agreed on Christmas Eve.

The approval came just hours after MPs approved the bill by 521 votes to 73 on the third reading, with just two Tories abstaining – but a revolt was faced by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.

The bargain means the U.K. It will have duty-free and quota-free access to its largest export market, but businesses will also need to make changes to their operations with the transition period ending on Dec. 31.

Post-Brexit trade agreement takes place

Although the news made headlines in the UK, the incident was also covered by the European media. In the continent’s main newspapers, we take a look at the insight and review.

“France24 focused on the Brexit split, writing, “The wild turbulence of Brexit has overshadowed European affairs for five years, haunted sterling markets, and destroyed the credibility of the United Kingdom as a confident pillar of Western economic and political stability.

“Saying goodbye to nearly half a century of membership means everything will change, from pet passports and driving license rules for Brits in Europe to data rules.”

After the Brexit referendum, the French media outlet also discussed the possibility of an independent Scotland, writing, “Support for Scottish independence has been rising, partly because of Brexit and partly because of COVID-19, which threatens England and Scotland’s 300-year-old political union.” ”

Le Figaro, another French magazine, ran an article titled “How Boris Johnson kept the gun on the negotiating table until the end” and wrote: “With his “contract,” the prime minister won a political victory.”

The article added, “Now that he has fulfilled his promise to deliver Brexit, his challenge is to make it a success.”

Yesterday, Le Monde had a series of articles on the House of Commons news, but also ran an editorial focused on Britain’s decision to quit Erasmus, the European academic exchange.

“Britons Orphaned by Erasmus,”Britons Orphaned by Erasmus,”British universities will seek alternative solutions and enter into bilateral exchange agreements. Why make it simple when you can make it complicated? That is one of the many conundrums of Brexit.”British universities will seek alternative solutions and enter into bilateral exchange agreements. Why make it easy when you can make it complicated? That’s one of the many Brexit conundrums.

An article was published by the Süddeutsche Zeitung questioning whether Brexit would make it more difficult for its readers to holiday in the United Kingdom, but also focusing on the Brexit agreement signed by the Queen. The article commented on the future of the United Kingdom, saying, “In the future, border controls will be necessary because standards will need to be checked, including on agricultural products. For citizens, the ability to simply move will be over. Visa-free travel will also be limited in time in the future.”

Writing in the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, Carlos Fresneda concentrated on the remarks made by Boris Johnson before the vote, in which the prime minister said: “We will be friends and allies of the EU.”

“In the Irish Times, Denis Staunton wrote about the political aspect of the Brexit deal and the DUP’s Sammy Wilson’s comments on the Northern Ireland protocol. He wrote in his analysis piece, “Tories exulting over backing Brexit Bill drowning out DUP,” “So it was all along during the Brexit drama as the DUP captured Westminster’s balance of power, just to make the wrong decision for itself.

Drunk with hubris, they opposed the plan by Theresa May to reconcile the United Kingdom as a whole with certain laws of the European Union rather than leave Northern Ireland under a separate regime.

Tories celebrating Brexit bill help drowns out DUP
Via @IrishTimes
– Denis Staunton (@denisstaunton) 30/12/2020

Instead, they’ve conspired with hardliners from the Conservatives to hold them harsh.


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