Brexit: Arlene Foster is awaiting ‘agreement in principle’ info


The First Minister of Northern Ireland said she was waiting to hear the specifics of the “agreement in principle” reached between the UK and the EU on aspects of Brexit affecting the region.

After it was revealed that the government has decided it would revoke contentious steps that could see the Brexit divorce agreement ripped up, Arlene Foster said she talked to Michael Gove earlier.

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The move follows progress on issues such as the Northern Ireland Protocol in talks led by Michael Gove and Maros Sefcovic.

We are waiting to see the details on this issue, Arlene Foster said, “We are waiting to see the details. It’s important for us to have unfettered access from Northern Ireland to Britain, but also to have free trade from Britain to Northern Ireland, so we’re waiting to see what happens on those matters,” she told reporters on Tuesday in Enniskillen.

I understand that tomorrow, Michael Gove will make a speech to Parliament, so I very much hope the information will then be very clear.

Yesterday, 32 business groups wrote to us saying that we need transparency, and more than that, a free trade deal, so they are moving beyond the protocol. And we hope, again, that a breakthrough can also be made in terms of the main negotiations.

Vice President of the European Commission Maros Sefcovic said the EU will ensure that the government of Boris Johnson maintains its pledge to remove measures in the United Kingdom’s Single Market Act to violate international law.

“We will continue to follow this closely and ensure that the controversial provisions are indeed withdrawn,” he told reporters.

Mr. Sefcovic said at a press conference that he hoped that the agreement to enforce the withdrawal agreement could build “positive momentum” in trade talks.

He said, “We are still very far apart and we are not hiding that from anyone,”

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But, he added, “Obviously we’ve created a positive momentum, we’ve removed a major obstacle, and I hope that we will see positive results also in these very complex negotiations, even if we are fully aware of how complicated and challenging this process is.”


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