Boris Johnson to call Joe Biden “shortly” to highlight shared goals and express hope for a trade agreement


Boris Johnson has said he is looking forward to addressing the climate change issue with President-elect Biden.

With Joe Biden in the White House, the Prime Minister said he agrees that “the real prospect of American global leadership on climate change.” remains.

On the topic of Brexit, he also reiterated that “protecting and maintaining the Good Friday Agreement” was the intent of the Single Market Act.

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Earlier, Dominic Raab reported that President-elect Biden will call the prime minister today.

“The United States is our closest and most important ally, and that’s been the case from president to president, prime minister to prime minister – that’s not going to change,” said the prime minister on Sunday radio.

“I very much look forward to working with President Biden and his team in the weeks and months ahead on many things important to us: addressing climate change, trade, international security and many, many other issues.”

Speaking on Marr, Boris Johnson added that a “can be done” Brexit agreement with the EU and that there is “a good chance” that the United Kingdom will reach a trade agreement with the United States.

“He said, “I’ve always been very excited about the trade agreement with our European friends and partners, and I think it’s something to do.

The broad outlines are very obvious, we just need to go ahead and do it if we can. Yesterday, I just said that to Ursula von der Leyen and she completely agrees with me.

“I’m an ardent student of U.S. trade policy on the trade deal with the U.S. and they are tough negotiators, and I never thought this would be something that under a U.S. government would be a total no-brainer.

“I think there’s a good chance we’ll get something done – Liz Truss and her team have made great progress – and we’ll get somewhere.”

He said, “I’m sure President Biden and Kamala Harris can bring the United States, with all its influence, with all its power and strength, to turn and concentrate on the issue of net zero by 2050, with their recognized commitment to this issue.”

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“I see President Biden shares the slogan ‘build back better,’ and we don’t claim ownership of that slogan, but when you come back to build better, one of the ways to do that is through a green industrial revolution.”

“Green energy, green home building, green transport, EVs, all the rest of it,” he said. These initiatives will not only reduce the C02 emissions and allow us to achieve net zero by 2050, but they also have the potential to really drive the economy forward.

“We look forward to talking to the White House about this issue as well,” he said.

In order to help the net zero goal by 2050, country after country is already lining up.

Japan has caught on, Korea has caught on, and even China has put forward a proposal that is completely brilliant for the world to accomplish this by 2060.

“I think we now have the real possibility of American global leadership in the fight against climate change with President Biden in the White House in Washington.

“The UK, as you know, was the first major country to set the goal of net zero by 2050, we led the way a few years ago, and we’re really hopeful now that President Biden will follow and help us deliver a really good outcome at the COP26 summit next year in Glasgow.”

Asked if he was willing to bring the Single Market Act through Parliament as it is, the prime minister said, “Yes, the parliamentary timetable continues, as I told Ursula (von der Leyen), and the whole point of this bill and also the Finance Bill is to protect and sustain the Northern Ireland Good Friday Agreement and the peace process.”

“That’s one of the things we agree on with our friends in the White House.”


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