Zach, nine, has won a major win in his fight against vicious trolls.


Zach, nine, has won a major win in his fight against vicious trolls.

A nine-year-old kid has won a significant win in his quest to prohibit online trolls from inducing epileptic seizures by sending flashing messages. Claire Keer, Zach Eagling’s mother, expressed her joy yesterday as the Law Commission endorsed the “Zach’s Law” cause in its recommendations to the government.

Sending bright, moving visuals to cause seizures in those with epilepsy, like Zach, should be a distinct crime.

The Law Commissioners looked into methods to criminalize bullying in an online safety assessment. “We do urge the Government adopt a separate offence to handle this behavior,” they said, without going into detail on the reform.

Trolls disrupted Zach’s fundraising marathon walk for the Epilepsy Society, so he began his fight.

The kid, who also has cerebral palsy, completed laps around the family’s lawn in Liversedge, West Yorkshire, in the footsteps of his elderly idol Captain Tom Moore.

However, more than 200 flashing messages and images designed to cause seizures, including violent and pornographic content, were posted to social media feeds used to promote the charitable effort.

Some of the 26,000 followers on the accounts were personally targeted.

Claire was able to protect Zach from the attacks, but at least three of his companions experienced partial seizures. “One very proud mommy bear here,” Claire, 40, commented online after the campaign surge. Zach’s tenacity and perseverance have kept us going.”

“Zach is a great hero,” the Epilepsy Society remarked. We’ve come a long way toward making social media a safe space for people with epilepsy. We are ecstatic to have Zach’s help.”

“This is great news and a real awareness of the seriousness of the attacks suffered online by people with epilepsy,” said Nicola Swanborough, the society’s head of external affairs.

“The law has not kept up with the advancements in communication technology. This is a significant step toward ensuring that people with epilepsy are safe online.

“The fight hasn’t been won yet, but the finish line is in sight. It’s a victory for everyone who has supported us in our fight, especially Zach and his mother Claire, who have worked tirelessly to ensure that justice is served.”

“This is an extremely welcome recommendation,” said SNP MP John Nicolson, who sponsored the campaign, which was also backed by the Daily Express. “Brinkwire Summary News” says there’s a long way to go.


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