You’re playing us for idiots! New data shows that under the terms of the Brexit deal, the UK must fly EU flags.


You’re playing us for idiots! New data shows that under the terms of the Brexit deal, the UK must fly EU flags.

BORIS Johnson has been urged to remove any EU flags and propaganda from buildings and other initiatives that have previously received funding from Brussels.

Jayne Adye, a pro-Brexit campaigner, also accused May of “failing to read the fine print” of the departure agreement he signed to get Britain out of the EU. After a Freedom of Information request showed it was a legal necessity to display the EU flag and EU propaganda on infrastructure projects/public space adaptations that had received EU cash, Ms Adye, director of Get Britain Out, wrote to Mr Johnson.

In her letter to the Prime Minister, she claims that his government “apparently failed to read the fine print” of the EU agreements he signed.

“Was the government uninformed of this necessity, or did you just want to make a quick good news headline by announcing a ban on the EU flag, hoping none of us would notice the truth?” she wondered.

“These are extremely significant questions that need to be answered,” she continues, “because the people of this magnificent country do not want to be fooled.”

“If you want to stick to your stated policy, then do something about it, or reimburse the £54 million you received from the EU as part of the COVID-19 Recovery Fund – and make sure there are no EU flags or propaganda shown in our nation now that we’ve left the EU.”

“For the last five years, both this Government and the previous one under Theresa May have made innumerable hollow promises to the Great British Public, but time and time again, the actions do not match the words,” Ms Adye told this website.

“Isn’t it past time for the government to start delivering on the promises it makes in the media?”

“If a mistake was made, own up to it,” she concluded.

“Do not try to disguise your blunders in the hopes that no one will notice, since the electorate will not be fooled.

“Brexit was about ‘Taking Back Control’ and reinvigorating the UK political system so that people could have faith in politics – and politicians.

“However, we’re seeing more of the same with half-truths like these regarding the display of EU flags and propaganda.

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