‘You’re giving me the death penalty!’ The host of GB News has received a barrage of criticism following Covid’s remarks.


‘You’re giving me the death penalty!’ The host of GB News has received a barrage of criticism following Covid’s remarks.

After saying he would “cheerfully risk catching Covid,” a GB NEWS host received a ferocious criticism.

During a six-minute diatribe on Sunday, Neil Oliver declared he would gladly risk contracting coronavirus as a kind of demonstration of freedom. Those who refuse to follow current norms, according to the TV host and former head of the National Trust for Scotland, are compared to those who fought in World War II.

“For me, it’s all and only about freedom; without freedom, there is no sense in anything,” he added as he began his speech.

“It was a minority of people, outgunned and screamed down by fellow citizens who felt bargains might be reached with tyrants,” he said, drawing a parallel between those who stood against the Nazis in World War II and those who do not follow Covid instructions.

“If your independence means I might catch Covid from you, so be it,” Mr Oliver remarked.

“If my liberty means you’ll catch Covid from me, so be it. That’s how I see it, to be honest.

“I will gladly risk catching Covid for the sake of freedom, both yours and mine. That is one of many chances I am willing to take, and I am doing so joyfully.

“There is no such thing as a safe life. It is not safe to be free. For the sake of freedom, which is of equal importance to you and me, I will gladly risk much else.”

On social media, Mr Oliver’s remarks sparked debate, with some accusing him of being “selfish.”

“So would you willingly risk transferring it onto me?” one Twitter user said.

“Because I’m immune suppressed, you could very well be putting me to death.”

“Does this include the freedom to suffer at home rather than in an NHS hospital so that resources can be focused on people who have not made themselves purposely ill?” asked another.

Others, on the other hand, defended Mr Oliver’s remarks, calling his tirade “important.”

“Neil, you are the man who understands freedom,” one said.

“It’s critical. It is critical. We congratulate you.”

“I agree with the majority of the sentiment,” another added.

“However, I personally believe that you should take the f** vaccination and then go about your life as you see fit.

“Don’t wear a mask, but get the bloody vaccine!”

Those who were shouted down for not taking the vaccine, Mr Oliver remarked during his remarks. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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