‘You’re asking the same thing!’ Raab slams the door on a Labour MP’s investigation into Afghanistan.


‘You’re asking the same thing!’ Raab slams the door on a Labour MP’s investigation into Afghanistan.

As tensions rise over the number of people abandoned by the British government in Afghanistan, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab slammed Labour’s Chris Bryant for raising the same question.

Mr Bryant launched a barrage of questions on the exact number of those left behind after the evacuation ended. During the interrogation, he demanded a specific figure from Dominic Raab in response to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s remarks that the “vast majority” of individuals who needed rescuing in Afghanistan are now safe. But Raab criticised the back-and-forth with the Welsh Labour MP, accusing him of repeatedly asking the same question while refusing to provide an exact figure, admitting he didn’t know “precisely” what it was.

Mr Bryant inquired as to whether a specific “number” had been assigned to individuals remaining in need of assistance, as well as how many persons the government believed had been left behind.

Mr Bryant, on the other hand, was accused by Raab of “raising the same question in a different way.”

“I have just said I cannot give you a definitive answer,” the foreign secretary added.

“It’s only that the Prime Minister claimed that the overwhelming majority of the people who stood by us… the overwhelming minority are out,” Bryant hammered in.

“How can the Prime Minister possible know if the majority is out or not if you’re not confident in the numbers?”

Mr Raab, on the other hand, claimed that he was not confident enough in the “precise” data to give a specific number for people left behind in Afghanistan by Britain.

He did, however, confirm Mr Johnson’s contention that the “vast bulk” of individuals in need of rescue have now left the nation.

He went on to say that the government’s goal has moved to bringing “as many people to safety” as possible in a systematic manner.


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