‘You’re a deluded fool!’ As he insults Brexit Britain about the ferry route bypass, an Irish TD gets demolished.


‘You’re a deluded fool!’ As he insults Brexit Britain about the ferry route bypass, an Irish TD gets demolished.

BRITAIN has viciously torn apart an Irish politician who attempted to insult Brexit Britain by posting a photo of ferry routes avoiding the UK on social media.

Teachta Dala representing Dublin Rathdown, Neale Richmond, posted a photo on Twitter of boat routes headed to Ireland’s capital. He added the following to his tweet to his followers: “Post-Brexit, this powerful image from Ireland’s development office depicts the ever-increasing state of direct shipping to our main market, continental Europe. There will be more…” Ireland has been harshly critical of the United Kingdom’s behaviour in continuing talks, as well as its threat to invoke Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

This might result in the UK ripping up substantial portions of the post-Brexit trade agreement, with Ireland’s foreign minister, Simon Coveney, warning that the EU will respond “vigorously.”

However, British citizens have quickly mocked Irish lawmaker Mr Richmond for his tweet.

“The stupid fool doesn’t comprehend it makes Irish things more costly and we don’t have to suffer their lorry pollution – win win for me!” remarked Express reader beirnecol in response to our initial report.

Gordie1234 made the following comment: “This is fantastic. On UK highways, there will be less congestion and pollution.

Post-Brexit, a powerful image from @IMDOIreland depicts the ever-increasing situation of direct shipping to our major market, continental Europe. There will be more… pic.twitter.comrzUC74gCgU “Trade between Ireland and the EU via the United Kingdom was a pain and provided little economic advantage.” Lord Baz, a website reader, said: “This is fantastic news. There will be less pollution on the road if there are fewer trucks on the road.

“The advantages are getting better and better.”

Piquetb, a website reader, added: “This is fantastic news. Fewer polluting trucks can only be beneficial.” Ireland’s foreign minister, Mr Coveney, has been harshly critical of the UK in negotiations with the EU over the Protocol’s implementation, as have many of his government colleagues.

He claims that Brussels has made significant concessions to Britain, including ideas from Brussels that would reduce customs checks on food products by 80% and a new proposal that would allow the UK to approve and ship medications to the province.

Mr. Coveney explained: “They were the three main challenges that Northern Ireland’s companies, political leaders, and civic groups wanted addressed.

“As you might anticipate, Lord Frost wants more, and the EU is attempting to go as far as it can.” Brinkwire Summary News “..


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