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Young woman quits her stable job to run a bikini business

A 25-year-old Australian woman has told how she made the risky decision to quit her stable job in retail and start her own full-time bikini brand despite not having any business experience.

Tekeisha Pages, from Victoria, launched her brand Remi Collective on Boxing Day 2019 and said the business ‘wouldn’t have worked out’ unless she dropped everything to dedicate all her time to it.

‘In the making it was originally a side-project but right before launching I was lucky enough to have the support from my partner to quit my job and dive in head first,’ Tekeisha told FEMAIL.

Soon after launching during Australia’s summer, the brand sold out half of their stock in one weekend and have received positive feedback from customers all over the world.

In a TikTok video that has gone viral and has been viewed more than 1.2 million times, Tekeisha explained what customers should look out for when purchasing a new bikini in order to decipher whether it’s good quality or not.

Tekeisha said she chose to sell bikinis as a product because the beach brings back good memories.

‘I’m drawn to the beach and after moving away from the coast I realised how much I missed it and took it for granted – so my appreciation for the ocean and nature grew,’ she said.

‘We would take weekend holidays to the beach and I would always struggle to find a bikini that was great quality, speaks my personality and also being comfortable.

‘It’s always been a goal of mine for many years to start a bikini line, so I knew it was finally time to push my insecurities away and give it a go!’ 

Since launching the brand, the ‘most challenging factor’ has been the long hours and amount of dedication required to develop the business.

‘I am completely self-taught [and] the amount of work that goes in behind closed doors that no one sees has been very challenging,’ she said.

‘Finding a work-life balance was definitely difficult too, as I would feel guilty for not “working” even when I was catching up with friends.’

Although she didn’t have any business experience, Tekeisha had knowledge on how to make the perfect bikini women want by using the best materials.

‘Many factors come into play, but the fabric, stitching and lining are main indicators,’ she said.

‘A poor quality suit is made from thinner material that feels plastic or rough and are often only partially lined or not lined at all, while high quality suits are made from thick fabrics that feel soft and are fully lined to provide better support – making the suit last longer.

‘The maintenance and after care is extremely important to prolong the life of your swimsuits too, so customers should always read the care label.’

Tekeisha said the ‘most important part’ when shopping for a bikini is to ‘choose the right fit for your body’ based on what makes you feel comfortable, and what suits your personality.

Remi Collective sell an abundance of stylish bikinis in a range of colours and are made from 80 per cent nylon and 20 per cent spandex.

Customers can choose between one-pieces and two-pieces, though both styles have received positive comments from happy customers online.

Each bikini is made to feel comfortable on the body and the stretchy material ensures the product sits well when moving about.

‘The response from customers has been amazing! We have received such great feedback which warms my heart that someone loves my pieces as much as I do,’ Tekeisha said.

When asked what’s next for the business, Tekeisha said she is planning to re-release her line of 100 per cent natural Australian skincare products, which have sold-out twice since launching in April.

She is also developing an activewear range that will be released later in the year.

The Remi Collective bikinis can be purchased from the business website and the products are available to ship internationally.

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