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Young woman comes up with a clever way of preventing fake tan stains with an unlikely $3 Kmart buy  

A young woman who was fed up with ruining her bed sheets with fake tan stains has found a simple solution to keep her linen clean for only $3.

Belle, from New South Wales, has been slathering tan on her skin for the past four years, only to find an uninviting shade of orange all over her white bed sheets.

But she recently discovered a $3 sleeping bag liner from Kmart that has since protected her sheets overnight after applying fake tan.

‘This sleeping bag liner has saved my white sheets. It also has a pocket for a pillow and has also saved my white pillows,’ she said in a Facebook group.

‘I can even put my white quilt over the top of me without worrying about tan getting all over it. I highly recommend this.’

The woman simply places the sleeping bag liner above her sheets, in which it prevents the tan from coming off on her bedding. 

‘It’s so breathable! It will definitely be good to use in the summer,’ Belle said.

‘Halfway through the night I put my blanket on top as it gets cold in my room in the morning but still super comfortable and I could still change positions and sleep spread out.’

She said the liner, which comes with a carry bag, is made from polyester material so it’s ‘super convenient for storage’ and easy to wash in the washing machine.

The budget product is currently on sale for half price at just $3 from Kmart stores and online.

Many fake tan users quickly responded to the thread, describing the product as a ‘great idea’ and the ‘perfect solution’ to avoid stained sheets.

Others said they were keen to try the sleeping bag liner as they have used similar products in the past that cost upwards of $60.

‘I remember buying a specialty tanning bag liner for bed. It was like $60 and made of this awful poly satin fabric. I sweated like crazy, made my tan patchy,’ one woman said.

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