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Young woman, 21, shares how she went from a size 18 to a size 10 in five months

An entrepreneur has shared how she lost 30kg and went from a size 18 to a size 10 in just five months by using free apps and YouTube videos as a workout guide.

Aaliyah Graham-Tera, from Victoria, originally weighed 110kg but said she was in denial about being unhealthy.

‘Every doctor reminded me how overweight I was and that I needed to do something about it or risk having continuous health issues, but it didn’t motivate me at all it just made me feel worse about myself,’ Aaliyah, the founder of Bad’ting Boutique, told FEMAIL.

‘At the beginning of December 2019, I finally came to terms that I was overweight and I needed to better my health and I wanted to do so before my 21st birthday.’

‘Every year I’d tell myself “I want to lose some weight” so I would try exercising but would always give up – I could never find the motivation to push myself through a week of eating better or exercising,’ she said.  

After making a promise to herself, Aaliyah transformed her lifestyle by changing her diet and joining a local gym.

While she had never stepped foot into a gym before, she started exercising six days a week every morning before work and used fitness apps and YouTube videos as a guide rather than paying for a personal trainer. 

‘I worked out as much as I could, was strict with my eating and only occasionally treated myself to chocolate,’ she said. 

Aaliyah said she started working out by doing cardio and body weight exercises that specifically focused on the core and glutes, as she wanted to target these two areas.

She pushed herself further and participated in workout challenges, including Chloe Ting’s two-week challenge and two six-week Bodies By Rachel (BBR) challenges.

‘During my weight loss journey, I was working in a chicken factory starting at 2pm and finishing 11pm, so I’d wake up early and exercise in the morning,’ she said. 

‘I currently follow two apps to help me set my training – BBR for glutes and core and Shred for full body, arms, legs and core.

‘This helps me make sure I’m not training the same way every day and BBR provides meal plans too,’ she said. 

Aaliyah now runs her own retail business and exercises when she wants to. 

By May 2020, Aaliyah had already completed her goal of losing 20kg and had lost an additional ten.

She now tips the scales at 80kg and fits into a size ten instead of size 18 to 20, and she’s planning to lose even more weight.

When asked what the most challenging aspect was, Aaliyah said it wasn’t the physical component but the mental aspect.

‘The most challenging thing was being able to mentally prepare myself for this – if I didn’t, I know for sure I would’ve given up within a couple days,’ she said. 

‘I hope to reach my goal weight of 70kg soon then strengthen and tone my body; I’m really trying to take advantage of the COVID-19 lockdown to conquer more of my fitness goals,’ she said.

Aaliyah said others who are also wanting to lose weight should do so on their own terms for themselves.

‘Make sure to mentally prepare yourself before you start – remind yourself you can do this and that you’re strong and unstoppable,’ she said.

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