‘You used to work for Tony Blair,’ Alastair Campbell rages at Edwina Currie on ‘liar’ Boris.


FORMER Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell furiously argued with ex-Conservative MP Edwina Currie over the cost of living increasing but the debate got heated when the pair began personally insulting each other over their political history.

Alastair Campbell and Edwina Currie went at each other’s throats during a tense debate on LBC about the cost of living increasing. Mr Campbell was furious Prime Minister Boris Johnson had gone on holiday as the UK struggles with supply chain disruptions and energy costs with Ms Currie stating national wages have increased to compensate. But the mood quickly turned sour after Mr Campbell accused the Prime Minister of being a “liar” to which Ms Currie pointed out he used to work for Tony Blair.

Speaking on LBC, Mr Campbell was angry at the way the Government has handled the issues in the country and could not believe Boris Johnson was going on holiday in the midst of the crisis.

He told Ms Currie: “There are people in this country that are really struggling and you lot, your reaction is to pretend like the problem’s not happening.”

Host Andrew Castle added: “Cost of living is immense Edwina, and it’s happening under a Conservative government whilst the prime minister is on holiday – not a great look.”

Ms Currie argued national wages have increased but Mr Campbell was having none of it as inflation had also increased.

The former Tory junior minister then went on the attack and said if Labour were in charge then they would open the doors to unvetted immigration.

Mr Campbell retorted: “This is the latest make it up as you go along excuse to the fact that Brexit is not working in the way you said it would.”

Ms Currie sarcastically exclaimed: “Oh, we’re being accused of pragmatism?”

Mr Campbell added: “You call it pragmatism? I call it lying, I’m afraid. We’ve got a liar as Prime Minister – whatever suits his purposes at the time, he will say.”

Ms Currie then slapped down Mr Campbell and said he used to work for Tony Blair with Mr Campbell asking what it had to do with the price of “salmonella eggs”.

Mr Campbell was referring to the incident which forced Ms Currie to resign after she claimed a large portion of British eggs had salmonella in them.

The result meant many egg farms. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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