‘You have no idea!’ says the narrator. Andrew Neil erupts in a massive Covid Twitter spat over a “disrespectful” statement.


‘You have no idea!’ says the narrator. Andrew Neil erupts in a massive Covid Twitter spat over a “disrespectful” statement.

After a big Twitter storm erupted over the Prime Minister’s plans to unlock the country on Monday, ANDREW Neil lashed out at an online commentator regarding vaccine passports.

After giving the green light to reopen the country next week on Freedom Day, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has advocated the use of Covid vaccine passports for places with large crowds.

Vaccine passports are anticipated to be used for major events, despite promises to reopen the country and ease practically all coronavirus restrictions.

Andrew Neil, the host of GB News, got caught in the center of a massive Twitter uproar over plans to unlock the country and the potential of vaccination certificates for events.

“Saying this as clearly as I can: Boris Johnson is eliminating the Covid limitations because he WANTS the NHS to collapse, so that he has a political excuse for privatising it,” author Philip Pullman stated on Twitter. Nothing else, not even insanity, can account for what’s going on.”

Freddy Gray, Deputy Editor of The Spectator, remarked, “I’d rather he muddled the meaning a bit.”

Before Mr Neil spoke in, saying, “It’s the literary-chattering class’s know-nothing bonkers.”

“They are more stupid than Jack Stupid McStupid the year he won the Stupid Man of the Year contest when it comes to the actual world — instead of the tiresome Dark Materials.”

However, one Twitter user retaliated, reigniting the debate.

“Perhaps the trouble you have with the ‘literary-chattering class’ is that some of them can foresee a genuine world where the fascists don’t prevail, and that could be dangerous,” they said to Mr Neil.

Mr Neil was enraged by the statement and retaliated. “I live in a real world where Nazis don’t win,” he wrote. Thank you, God.

“My father spent six years as one of millions fighting them to ensure they didn’t win. I am the son of my father. Fascists irritate me. In addition, there are communists and their companions.”

The massive Twitter squabble was far from over.

“Advocate of vaccine passports claims to live in a world where Nazis don’t win,” another Twitter user responded to Mr Neil’s most recent remark.

Mr Neil responded, “I have no strong feelings one way or the other about vaccine passports.”

“However, the argument that they are fascist-like is absurd and demonstrates that you have no concept what fascism is. In addition, “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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