‘You have a great sense of humour!’ Former aide reveals Queen’s humorous personality.


‘You have a great sense of humour!’ Former aide reveals Queen’s humorous personality.

OVER THE LAST SEVEN DECADES, THE QUEEN has exhibited her “witty” nature.

The British monarch is extremely funny, according to numerous experts and those who have worked for her. The Times quoted Richard Griffin, Her Majesty’s former advisor, as saying that on a visit to the Balmoral estate, American tourists were unaware they were speaking to the Queen.

The tourists questioned if the monarch lived close after failing to recognize her.

She replied (truthfully) that she lived in the neighborhood.

They then inquired as to whether she had ever met Queen Elizabeth.

She cleverly answered, standing alongside a police detective, “No, but he has,” referring to her assistant.

Queen Elizabeth spoke with gardener Jekka McVicar during a visit to the Chelsea Flower Show in 2016.

The gardener informed the Queen that the lily of the valley, a white flower commonly used in bouquets, had previously been employed as a poison.

The Queen, according to Hello, was quick to make light of the situation with her own joke.

“This week, I was handed two bunches,” she explained.

“Perhaps they don’t want me alive.”

Many people who aren’t familiar with the royal family are unaware of the Queen’s wicked sense of humour, but royal enthusiasts know she loves to laugh.

The Queen’s wry sense of humor is “more subversive than you might imagine,” according to historian Robert Lacey.

Prince William has also revealed that when the Queen meets new individuals, her personality shines through.

He said, “I’ve seen some extremely comical moments.”

“I’ve witnessed individuals pass out right in front of her. It’s a bit of a shock to find out what to do if you pass out in front of the queen!

“There are a lot of trembling knees, and people are sometimes unable to speak. It’s tough to communicate with folks who are unable to communicate.”


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