‘You are a true gentleman!’ With a GoFundMe campaign, fans unite around John Meadows’ bereaved family.


‘You are a true gentleman!’ With a GoFundMe campaign, fans unite around John Meadows’ bereaved family.

JOHN MEADOWS’ admirers have rallied behind his bereaved family, setting up a GoFundMe page to help them through this tough time.

On Sunday, the 49-year-old professional bodybuilder died “suddenly” at his home in Ohio, the United States. According to the website Fitness Volt, the father-of-two died of a pulmonary embolism.

As further information about the pioneering bodybuilder – also known as Mountain Dog – became available, friend and fitness expert Jeff Cavaliere set up a fundraising website.

Mr Cavaliere, the founder of the ATHLEAN-X training programs, is hoping to raise $100,000 (£72,000) for Mr Meadow’s wife Mary and twin sons Jonathan and Alexander.

The 46-year-old, who had intended to collaborate with Mr Meadows on upcoming fitness videos, even contributed $10,00 (£7,200) of his own money to the pot, which stood at more than $70,000 (£50,000) this evening.

“As physically strong as John was, his greatest strength was his dedication as a father and husband,” he wrote in a tribute to the late bodybuilder.

“John’s slogan was ‘family first,’ and he lived it every day, never missing a football practice with his boys or showing off their newest yo-yo trick in a video.’

“He leaves behind his amazing twin sons, Jonathan and Alexander, as well as his wife Mary.

“If John has been of assistance to you in any way, I would ask that you consider making a donation to his family during this difficult time (however big or small).

“I am deeply startled and grieved to learn about John’s death. He was and always will be remembered as one of the industry’s great gentlemen.

“There isn’t a single person alive who could say anything bad about him. When the issue of his boys came up during our conversations, I could literally hear his smile through the phone.

“We had an instant bond as fathers of twins, founded in both the great hardships and extreme joys that come with the job!

“We were very pleased to finally get a chance to shoot some videos together because he was slated to speak at my upcoming event in September.

“However, as you might expect from John, he planned to travel in on the first flight on Thursday to be with his sons at football on Wednesday night.

“You will always be remembered and adored by your.”


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