Writ-off! ‘Political’ anti-vaxxers storm Jeremy Vine’s home in protest of the BBC’s pro-jab attitude.


Writ-off! ‘Political’ anti-vaxxers storm Jeremy Vine’s home in protest of the BBC’s pro-jab attitude.

ANTI-VAXXERS have encircled BBC Radio 2 presenter Jeremy Vine’s home in protest at the BBC’s backing for the Covid vaccine.

The 56-year-old revealed on Twitter earlier today that the organisation had served his wife with a “notice of liability” writ. The event occurred at the couple’s London home, where a huge number of demonstrators were apparently prepared to “take the street” if Mr Vine’s wife refused to accept the writ while he was away.

The group arrived at Mr Vine’s family home, which he shares with his wife and two daughters, and allegedly announced themselves as the “resistance.”

Because the radio host was not at home at the time, the writ was given to his wife, journalist Rachel Schofield.

The star took to Twitter to tell his 771,000 fans that the group had made him “a little uneasy.”

“I’m not at home at the moment, so these folks just served a ‘anti-vaxx writ’ on my wife instead,” he wrote in his first tweet.

“They are enraged with the BBC’s coverage of the #CovidVaccine scandal.” I appreciate their politeness, but coming to my house on a Sunday? I’m also a little disturbed by the heavy breathing.” His message was accompanied by a video in which a well-dressed group representative claimed that the notice had been delivered to Mr Vine’s wife and that they had “explained it was relating his position at the BBC.”

They also noted that the filming “went better than expected.”

The radio host followed up his initial broadcast with a second video, which was shot prior to the doorstepping at his home.

During the film, the “resistance” can be seen congregating near his residence.

If the broadcaster doesn’t answer the door, a speaker behind the camera discusses the group’s plans to deliver the warning and then threatens to “take the whole street” by erecting yellow protest boards.

“I have only now read this: if my wife hadn’t received the ‘anti-vaxx writ’ on my behalf, this bunch waiting near my house would have ‘took the whole street,'” Mr Vine wrote in response to the threat.

“The original footage clearly shows the street name and home number. I’m always up for a conversation, but not like this.” Later, the radio host resorted to social media to share other threats he had gotten from the gang, which he had ignored. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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