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World’s fastest internet, capable of downloading 1,000 films a SECOND, recorded in Australia

THE world’s fastest internet data speed has been recorded, capable of downloading 1,000 high-definition films a second.

Researchers in Australia logged a speed of 44.2 terabits per second.

Britain’s average broadband speed is 64 megabits per second.

The record was achieved with a single chip called a micro-comb — which replaces 80 lasers in existing telecoms hardware with a single piece of equipment.

Experts say the breakthrough would help with increasing demand for home-working, streaming and socialising — and may also be used in self-driving cars, medicine and education.

The micro-comb was planted into infrastructure linking university campuses in Melbourne.

Dr Bill Corcoran of Monash University said: “We’re getting a sneak-peak of how the infrastructure for the internet will hold up in two to three years’ time.”

Micro-comb inventor Prof David Moss, of Swinburne University, said: “They offer enormous promise to meet in­satiable demand for bandwidth.”
A terabit is one trillion units of digital information. A megabit is one million.

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