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Woolworths causes buying frenzy after reducing its popular Sistema storage containers to half price

Woolworths supermarkets has triggered a buying ‘frenzy’ after reducing its popular Sistema storage containers to ‘better than half price’.

On Wednesday morning eagle-eyed shoppers noticed Sistema’s ‘Klip It’ range were heavily reduced, and alerted other savvy customers in the Markdown Addicts Facebook group.

The result was a flurry of activity as hundreds of Australians headed for their closest Woolworths, with some saving as much as $200 on their purchases.

‘Can’t complain with $150 worth of containers for only $46! Thank you to whoever posted about the awesome sale. We are now set,’ said one excited mother.

‘So I went to two Woolworths and this is everything I got for just over $60,’ said another who showcased almost 30 different containers.

‘Nearly $200 in savings. Pretty impressive.’

One man said he was looking forward to using his new containers as ‘cheap tackle boxes’ when he goes fishing on the weekend.

Those that couldn’t get into a physical store ordered their packages online, so there are very few leftover.

Prices start from $1.50 for the large rectangular boxes – down from $6.35 – while three packs are $2.75 down from $11.

One woman said she was disappointed she didn’t spot them on shift because she ‘works at Woolworths’ and would have liked to stock up.

‘Now I see why I can never get these containers when they’re on sale,’ joked another lady.

It’s not known how long the clearance sale will last for but customers are cautioning those that haven’t yet to ‘get in quick’.

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