‘Wonderful concept!’ With a referendum comment, the EU chief shoots himself in the foot, sparking cries for Frexit.


‘Wonderful concept!’ With a referendum comment, the EU chief shoots himself in the foot, sparking cries for Frexit.

Thierry Breton, the EU Commissioner, shot himself in the foot when he suggested that exiting the bloc is as simple as calling a vote.

The EU Commission chief told France Inter radio that embracing EU laws is a prerogative of being a member of the bloc. However, he said that the only way to amend them is to organize a referendum and leave the club.

“When a country joins the European Union, it accepts its regulations,” he stated. You can get out of them if we wish to amend them; simply conduct a referendum.” The allegation backfired when proponents of a Frexit referendum in France exploited Mr Breton’s words to demand that France hold a referendum on the EU’s membership.

“Excellent concept from Mr Breton!” they wrote.

The only way to express democracy is through a referendum on the EU.

“To get this referendum, we started a petition. Allow the French to make their own decisions about their future!” While Mr Breton said that if given the chance, the French people would vote to stay in the EU, Generation Frexit leader Charles-Henri Gallois slammed Mr Breton, saying: “A truth and a lie from Thierry Breton.”

“The truth is that you can’t modify EU laws; the only way to do so is to leave.”

“Lie: the French would vote in favor of keeping the status quo. He is completely unaware of the situation. Greenpeace protests erupt on Downing Street in London, causing pandemonium. “Let’s get this campaign and referendum started!” The EU Commissioner was alluding to a judgement by Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal that some Polish laws take precedence over EU regulations.

The decision has fuelled fears that Poland may soon quit the EU.

Mr Breton, on the other hand, stated on Monday that he does not believe “for one second” that a “Polexit” will occur as a result of last week’s decision.

“We’re waiting for a written decision (…) and then we’ll analyze it (…) I don’t believe there will be a Polexit for a second,” he said.

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“On Sunday, more than 100,000 Poles marched in support of European Union membership.”

Protests were held in over 100 towns and cities across Poland, as well as numerous locations abroad, according to the organizers, with 80,000-100,000 people waving in the capital Warsaw alone. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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