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Women’s AFL star Georgie Parker hits back after she was called out for squeezing team mate’s bum

Women’s hockey-turned-AFL star Georgie Parker has defended squeezing her teammate Kathryn Slattery’s bum after copping backlash over the joke.

The former Hockeyroos and AFLW player was seen tapping the backside of Slattery during the national anthem before a game in 2017. 

The image resurfaced this week following a similar incident involving the Richmond Tigers.

The 31-year-old shared a comment from Slattery, who said she consented to the cheeky gesture.

‘Come touch my butt again plz Georgie Parker,’ Slattery wrote on Instagram.

Parker told the ABC the bum grab was nothing more than a harmless pre-game joke.

‘I did a little bum tap to my teammate after every anthem I got to sing with her … photos can get taken out of context,’ she said.

Parker also pointed out a number of differences to Tigers stars Nick Vlastuin and Jayden Short groping teammate Mabior Chol on his crotch and backside.

The video shows Tigers’ defenders Nick Vlaustin and Jayden Short groping South Sudanese-born forward on two separate occasions. 

‘1. Bum tap very different than any other grope. 2. Good luck stamping them out. 3. We had players who hated being touched so would never do this to them – respect always,’ she said.

‘4. An image can often looks ‘worse’ than an actual incident, worth keeping in mind. 

‘5. Probably not a great look to touch someone’s Aubergine on prime time tv, a lapse in judgment from them.

‘6. Calling sexual assault and outrage on someone else’s behalf is peak 2020. 

‘7. Is this really what we are going to crack it over at the moment? Honestly.’

Footage of the first occasion of the Richmond incident shows the team standing in a circle singing their victory song after their win over the Brisbane Lions last Tuesday.

Vlastuin can be seen touching Chol’s crotch three times as the team claps and cheers.

Chol swats Vlastuin’s hand away each time before the the two-time premiership winner then gropes his backside.

Chol appears increasingly angered by the actions of Vlastuin’s and turns to face him.

Moments later Vlastuin then grabs Chol’s crotch yet again.

Following another big win against the Western bulldogs last Wednesday, an almost identical scene also played out.

But this time Jayden Short is the one seen grabbing the African-born AFL star.

During the team’s boisterous celebration, Short was seen grabbing at Chol’s crotch who then bats his hand away. 

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