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Women are using self tanning foam to contour their cheekbones

Beauty lovers are using self tanning lotion and foams to contour their cheekbones.

The trend, which has been dubbed ‘tantouring’, involves drawing a semi-permanent shadow line under the cheekbone, highlighting the area longer than bronzer and contour-specific creams could.

Australian models Elisha and Renee Herbert, 21, tried the makeup hack on their TikTok account saying they were pleased by how effective it was.

They used Bondi Sands ultra dark self tan mousse and squeezed a small amount onto a makeup brush to get started.

Then it was only a matter of lightly wiping the tan onto parts of the face they wanted to ‘chisel’, including under the jawline, the cheekbones, down the side of the nose and across the top of the forehead.

How long you leave the tan on will depend on how dark you’d like the result to look, but some ladies are choosing to sleep in the tan before washing it off in the morning.

It’s a technique that celebrity makeup artists have used before their client’s important red carpet events, even taking the tan down the centre of their thigh or arms to create muscle definition.

Refinery29 recommends starting with an exfoliated and clean face, just like you would if you were planning on putting fake tan on your body.

To keep your face contoured for longer steer clear of any skincare products that contain acids or exfoliating particles. 

Face oils and cleansing oils are also best avoided because they’ll break down the colour you’ve worked so hard to keep there. 

The tan should last between one and three days depending on how vigorously you scrub your makeup off.

To create more depth simply contour over the top of your tan after it has dried. 

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