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Woman with ovarian cancer said she’d ‘rather DIE than go near needles’ because of phobia

A woman with ovarian cancer who couldn’t continue her life-saving treatment because of a severe 48-year long phobia of needles faced her fear on This Morning.

Sally-Anne, from Shropshire, admitted that she would’ve ‘rather died than have a needle near her’ as she began the process with TV therapists Nik and Eva Speakman.

Speaking of one of her earliest memories, she told how she recalled being held down by a dentist and nurse when she needed six fillings – and that the fear of that situation transferred onto the needles they were using at the time. 

However, after talking with the Speakmans for more than four hours, Sally-Anne realised that her trust should’ve been broken with that particular dentist, rather than needles and hospitals.

And viewers were left in tears when come the end of the programme, Sally-Anne returned via a video call to announce that she will finally able to continue her cancer treatment and have the blood tests she urgently needs.

At the start of the segment, Sally Anne explained: ‘I had a bad experience at the dentist. I was about seven or eight I think, I just went in for a normal check up and he said I needed six fillings there and then. 

‘As a small child, that’s quite a lot to take in. I remember the dental nurse holding my arms down while he did all of the drilling.’

The Speakmans then reached towards a needle which they slowly placed on the table in front of Sally-Anne – but it was soon taken away when she burst into tears.

Offering his advice, Nik said: ‘If out of the blue your best friend wrote you the nastiest letter, are you going to stop using pens, because she wrote it in pen?’

When Sally-Anne replied ‘no,’ Nik continued: ‘But for all these years you’ve been blaming a syringe because of the person who used it.’ 

Eva then gave Sally-Anne a needle to hold and explained: ‘We’re four hours in and finally the barriers are down and we’re making some process so time for the big test.’

Using the logic suggested by the Speakmans, Sally-Anne was able to hold the syringe – with only her hands slightly shaking. 

Back in the studio, Sally-Anne appeared on video link to reveal that following her work with the Speakmans, she can now successfully have the blood tests she needs to continue her cancer treatment. 

‘I needed monthly blood tests which was going to be the obstacle but the nurse came out… and everyone was so amazed that I had the blood test,’ explained Sally-Anne.

She added: ‘It’s life-changing and life-saving, because without the blood tests I can’t have further cancer treatment. It’s just something I do like normal people do now.’

Sally-Anne revealed that her sister had called This Morning as a ‘last resort’ because her family didn’t know what to do after she had refused to continue her treatment. 

‘I can’t believe I’ve actually done it as the blood tests are so easy now whereas before… I said I’d rather die than have a needle near me it was that bad,’ she admitted.

Viewers were left feeling emotional following Sally-Anne’s journey, with one person writing: ‘Wow, amazing brought tears to my eyes watching this.’

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