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Woman who tested positive for coronavirus escaped hotel quarantine and hopped on a Melbourne tram

A ‘disturbed’ woman infected with coronavirus escaped hotel quarantine and travelled on a tram in yet another dangerous control breach in Melbourne.

The young woman had been in isolation at the Brady Hotel in the city’s CBD on July 19, but left just seven hours after checking in.

A staff source claimed nurses pleaded for help from police and the Department of Health and Human Services to monitor the agitated guest, but both requests were denied.

They claimed the police and health department received prior briefing about the woman’s acute mental health issues as a result of a recent assault, which required hospitalisation.

‘The nurses end up monitoring the hall, working in twos for safety. As predicted, the guest leaves the hotel, without PPE, and jumps on a tram,’ the source told The Australian.

‘She does not receive a fine and is not detained, but arguably she is a significant risk to public health.

Melbourne’s bungled hotel quarantine program was a major source of Victoria’s second-wave coronavirus crisis, with lax quarantine measures allowing the virus to be carried into the community by supposedly isolate guests who were allowed out, and private security guards not taking full precautions.

The woman tested positive to coronavirus while recovering in Royal Melbourne Hospital from a recent assault.

Sources claim she was taken to another Melbourne CBD hotel days earlier where she left her room, roamed corridors and spat at staff, who were then forced into isolation. 

The woman was taken back to the hospital before she was taken to the Brady Hotel.

Victoria Police said the woman didn’t breach health ­orders because she was in voluntary isolation.

The latest breach came after a health official was sacked amid complaints he was planning to make extra cash by selling booze to guests in quarantine hotels.

The DHHS confirmed earlier this week a formal investigation would be launched into the alleged misconduct of the official stationed at the Brady Hotel.

Meanwhile, Victoria recorded its deadliest day of the pandemic on Wednesday with 21 deaths and 410 new cases.

Photos taken on Wednesday showed a busy Melbourne CBD, despite the city being in the middle of a stage four lockdown and residents ordered to stay at home unless for essential reasons.

There was particular concern about the rise of cases in regional Victoria, where there are currently more than 500 active cases.

Hotspots include Geelong with 179 cases, Ballarat with 22 cases and Bendigo with 53 cases.

‘They are stable and they’re very low numbers, but coming off such a low base, any additional cases are a concern to us,’ Premier Daniel Andrews said. 

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