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Woman transforms drab bathroom into a millennial pink wet-room 

A fashion blogger has wowed social media users after transforming her small, dingy bathroom into a stunning pink wet-room.

Kate Spiers, from Glasgow, shared before-and-after snaps of the space on Twitter, explaining that she had been able to plan the incredible renovation with ‘lots of moodboards, measuring and online bathroom design tools’.

She switched the drab flooring for a geometric ‘millennial pink’ tiles, and painted the walls with a warm cream colour, before adding blush furnishings, hanging plants and gold accents.  

Her tweet about the transformation quickly went viral, with social media users saying they were wowed by the stunning room makeover.

The fashion blogger, who is also presenter for Scotland’s Home of the Year, often shares snaps of her renovations on her Instagram page @kate.lavie. 

Kate shared tweets about her room transformation online, tweeting:  ‘After/before/during of our new bathroom. What a project!’

The incredible makeover wowed social media users, with over 12.4k liking her tweet in just days.  

Kate transformed the room with a lick of paint, and a selection of beautifully detailed geometric patterned tiles to create a modern space. 

She added a selection of plants to the walls and decorated the space with vases full of dry flowers. 

As well as the incredible before-and-after snaps of the space, she posted a picture during the renovation, revealing the extent to which the room had been torn apart. 

Other social media users were wowed by the room transformation, with one commenting: ‘The result is amazing!! Seriously you guys did a great job.

‘The things you can do with a little creativity…and I absolutely LOVE that you have plants in there.’

Another added: ‘Fantastic use of the space and to have fitted in a shower too! A great way to water the plants at the same time aha.’

A third wrote: ‘What a stunning transformation! I also live in a Glasgow tenement and never thought it could be turned into a wet room. Also love the pink.’

‘Can’t wait to have my own house and have it all in my way,’ one commented.

‘How do you even start something like this?’ one added, ‘It is absolutely amazing.’

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