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Woman shows how to fold absolutely anything into a tiny space – and it’s a lifesaver for holiday packing

YOU might not give much thought to how you fold your clothes, but your technique could save you a heap of space in your wardrobe – or your suitcase.

If you don’t believe us, one woman has shown off her super clever folding method which allows you to fold even the chunkiest pieces with ease.

In fact, her whole TikTok page is dedicated to folding hacks and has even dubbed herself the “CEO of folding clothes” – and it’s not hard to see why.

Sophie Liard has a number of videos demonstrating how she folds jeans, jumpers, t-shirts and even entire outfits – and it’s mesmerising to watch.

As for t-shirts while travelling, Sophie explains that rolling, rather than folding, is best – but there is a way to do it.

She says to fold the bottom up slightly, turning the inside out which will create a little pouch.

Then she folds both sides in towards the middle making sure the sleeves lay flat.

From the top she begins rolling until she reaches the fold at the bottom which she then uses to secure the “roll” in place so it won’t unravel.

But if you thought that was impressive, the folding guru also shows how to fold entire outfits in one neat little package, making unpacking a breeze while on holiday.

Using training gear as an example, she lays a jumper flat folding up the bottom – just like she did with the t-shirt.

She then lays a pair of leggings across the top of the jumper before adding a t-shirt and a pair of socks on top.

Next she folds the arms across until it reaches the opposite side, and folds the remainder down creating straight lines.

Then she folds the jumper once from the bottom and uses the “pouch” to hold it all together – and it’s genius, really.

It’s not limited to just training gear though, as the same method can be applied to just about any outfit.

But what about puffy jackets or coats, you ask? Believe it or not, the same method works for that too – just tuck and fold, it’s that easy.

The TikTok superstar even demonstrates how to neatly fold a towel and swimwear so it’s all ready to go when it’s time to hit the beach.

And pairs of socks, too.

Her methods work well for packing a bag but can be a lifesaver at home if you have limited storage.

We know what we’re doing this weekend – just flip and roll.

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