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Woman shares easy hack for getting creases out of fabric in seconds – with NO ironing

PUTTING clean sheets on to the bed is one of the best ways to make a room feel fresh and tidy – but creases in crumpled fabric can really get in the way of the finished look.

Rather than spending hours ironing every last crease out of sheets, duvet cover and pillows, one woman has shared an incredible hack to get bed linen looking crease-free in just seconds.

Posting on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Hinch Army, the woman explained how she used fabric conditioner and water in a spray bottle to achieve crease-free sheets.

The woman admitted she had found the hack online and was excited to share the results.

“Someone, not sure if was this group, had tried fabric conditioner and a bit of water in spray bottle on bedding to release creases. [I’m] sure you will agree, [it] looks better.”

She used a ratio of one capful of fabric conditioner to three capfuls of water and mixed the solution up in a spray bottle.

After stretching the sheets over the bed, the woman then spritzed them with the mix and left them to dry out, losing their creases in the process.

Another woman suggested that people could use white vinegar and essential oils in place of fabric softener.

The trick has been shared online after the popular £2.50 Lenor Crease Release spray took shoppers by storm earlier this year.

But as we told you previously, the product has been a hit online, with some people re-selling it on eBay for up to £10.

Other Mrs Hinch fans flocked to the post, admitting they too have used the clever crease-busting trick.

One woman wrote: “I do this on my curtains & bedding it works amazing! I also stuff dryer sheets inside my sofa cushions and bed cushions (the ones I take off at night). Keeps it smelling fresh for ages.”

Another added: “It’s so good, I’ve been doing this for years.”

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