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Woman reveals how weights can change the entire look of your body in telling transformation pictures

A woman with ‘no fitness experience’ has explained why she swears by weightlifting for transforming your body in a short space of time. 

Lauren Meisner, 29, left Canada in 2016 for the sunnier climes of Sydney to live with her Australian boyfriend, Sean. The pair have since got engaged and are making a life for themselves Down Under.

The founder of Centennial Beauty created a YouTube video about her experience doing resistance and circuit training for eight years before turning to ‘intimidating’ free weights work in the gym. 

‘All of those before and after photos you see that say cardio versus lifting are actually true,’ she said.

‘I had been doing resistance work, cardio and HIIT for years… working out 4-5 times a week and I just couldn’t get any fitter after a point.’

So Lauren turned to lifting weights to try and sculpt her body – and has been surprised with how successful the change has been. 

Sharing her tips in the video, the stunning blonde suggested those that are new to lifting should start ”.  

When Lauren began she injured her wrist because she was choosing weights that were heavier than her body could handle.

‘I would go in strong and that was the wrong idea. If you’re brand new to an exercise or just starting out in the gym start with a really small amount,’ she said.

‘I was under the impression when I first started that if I was squatting 10 kilos I would be squatting 10 kilos for the first couple of weeks and I would never squat that again but that’s not the case.’

If you take time off you’ll need to start again from a lower weight than you were on, and build back up again. 

‘Your progress will not always be linear,’ she said.

Then she recommended lifting ” every few times you visit the gym to workout.

‘You need to increase the weight slowly to see actual changes in your body,’ she said.

‘If you’re used to doing resistance work or circuits you know that the dumbbell weight you use stays the same for years. You should be lifting heavier and getting stronger when it comes to weights.’

Lauren would increase by 1.25 kilos or 2.5 kilos at a time to ensure she didn’t injure herself in the process.

When you dedicate time specifically to go to the gym it’s important to ”, Lauren said.  

‘If you are strictly lifting weights you will see a difference so long as you push yourself,’ she said.

‘If you can get to rep 12 and do more you’re not lifting heavy enough but if you struggle to get to rep 8 you’re lifting too heavy.’

To help her ‘push’ both physically and mentally Lauren said she imagines giving birth and bracing her core to ensure she’s at her maximum capacity. 

This ‘technique’ has helped others she has spoken to on the topic of weight lifting. 

To compensate for all of the extra muscle you’re building by lifting weights her fourth tip was to ” and increase the amount of protein in your diet.  

‘It took five months for me to understand this is my new normal. When you have more muscle you burn more fat at the same time,’ she said.

This requires energy that you’ll get from the food you eat, so ensure you’re eating small amounts regularly to maintain that muscle.  

‘Moving a heavy amount of weight that you never thought you could lift ever in your life is just so empowering and you’re stronger in your everyday life and it just makes such a difference,’ she said.  

‘A lot of women don’t want to believe that doing endless amounts of cardio is actually going to do essentially nothing for your body. At a certain point you will plateau doing the same movements.’

But with weight lifting there is always the opportunity to lift heavier and therefore make meaningful changes in your body, she said.

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