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Woman reveals her friend asked her to take a day off WORK to watch a live stream of her wedding

A woman has revealed her friend asked her to take a day off work to tune in to a live stream of her wedding after the original ceremony was cancelled due to Covid-19. 

Posting anonymously on Mumsnet, the British woman explained how the bride-to-be had invited over 150 people to her wedding, but had to reduce the number to just 30 attendees because of the restrictions enforced during the pandemic.

She said her friend sent those who were ‘uninvited’ a link to watch the ceremony online – adding that the software they were planning on using would notify the bride and groom as to who was virtually tuning in.  

While the woman admitted that she had ‘no interest’ in tuning in and would rather look at photos at a later date, others argued she should show an interest in her pal’s special day.

In the initial post, the woman in question penned: ‘I have some friends who intended to get married next spring – largish event 150+ people. 

‘We”d been asked to hold the date. Because of COVID and family members shielding they’ve since decided to cancel and go ahead next month with the permitted 30 attendees.

‘I have no problem with that, and am not offended about being uninvited. However, they are also intending to live stream the ceremony and sending out a link so those guests not invited to attend in person can join them virtually.

‘Maybe I am being a grump, but I have no interest in taking time out of a working day to watch a a live stream of their wedding. It’s nice for the relatives who aren’t able to attend to have the option but for the remainder of the 120 guests I’m not sure it’s that appealing a prospect.  

She went on to explain that she was ‘perfectly happy to flick though a photo album at a later date,’ but added watching the real time ceremony had ‘little appeal.’ 

A flood of responses agreed that they also wouldn’t be keen on watching a virtual wedding ceremony. 

‘Oh god how boring. I really find the ceremony of a wedding long and boring. I’d live stream and leave the room to get on with other stuff,’ wrote one, while a second commented: 

‘YANBU. It’s one thing to attend a ceremony and enjoy the event and share the joy on the day. Watching a live stream wouldn’t hold the same appeal to me.’  

A third added: ‘I’d rather watch paint dry than watch a wedding live stream. I’d go with the suggestion up thread of turning it on and just continue doing your own thing.’ 

However, others argued that as a friend, it’s important to join in the celebrations and show interest in the wedding – even if it’s virtual.  

‘If you consider yourself a friend, I would spend half an hour watching this and show a bit of interest,’ commented one, while a second agreed: 

‘Really? I think there has been enough joy snatched out of everything recently, so why not take 20 mins out of your day to celebrate your friends? They obviously think enough of you to invite you to the original wedding.

‘I would watch and enjoy. Like PP said, you don’t have to travel miles and spend money on a new outfit etc.’ 

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