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Woman reports NBA player-turned-psychologist to his OWN company

A woman has been left red-faced after tweeting a company to complain about one of their employees – only to discover he was the CEO.

Twitter user Clementine Fandango, from Cardiff, complained to Amaechi Performance Systems, a Manchester-based consultancy firm, about former professional basketball player turned psychologist John Amaechi, 49.

Amaechi, who is the first ever openly gay NBA player, was awarded an OBE  in 2011 for his services to sport and set up his eponymous firm after retiring and is one of British sport’s most high profile anti-racism campaigners.

The former England international, who has also worked for the BBC covering the Olympics, was born in the US to a Nigerian father and British mother, and raised in Stockport, Greater Manchester. 

He had tweeted using the term ‘Karen’, which Clementine took umbrage with. 

Retweeting a video of three women called Karen appearing on This Morning yesterday to defend their name, the former NBA player wrote: ‘The most #karen thing ever’.

The term ‘Karen’ has become widespread on social media over the last few years and refers to a stereotypical middle-class white woman, whose behaviour is a result of her privilege.  

Clementine, who describes herself on Twitter as an ‘opinionated socialiser,’ tweeted the official Amaechi Performance Systems account to complain about the worker using the term.

‘Hi, how do I go about making a complaint about John Amaechi, who’s been sexist and gaslighting on social media?’ she wrote.

The company replied pointing out that he was the CEO and wrote: ‘Thank you for bringing this to our attention. 

‘In light of the severity of the situation, I’m going to escalate this complaint about John Amaechi directly to our CEO, John Amaechi. 

‘Rest assured, he will take a very dim view of such conduct.’

In a second tweet they added: ‘It’s neither sexist nor gaslighting. 

‘But please feel free to report the alleged offending tweets to Twitter, who I’m sure will be delighted to handle your complaints. Thank you.

Amaechi found humour in the complaint and tweeted: ‘My day is complete. Someone reported me to my own company.’

Others also found the exchange funny, joking that it was going to be ‘one hell of an HR meeting’. 

‘Wow she actually did  ask to speak to the manager. Amazing’ wrote one, while a second added: ‘That HR meeting is going to be exhausting, You’ll have to switch seats either side of the desk between questions and everything’

A third penned: ‘Brilliant! Haha! I would have loved to have seen her face when she read the response. This has made my day!’

Amaechi was Britain’s first major NBA star, and played for Orlando Magic, Utah Jazz, Houston Rockets and New York Knicks during his career.

He came out as gay in 2007, before becoming a psychologist and political activist.

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