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Woman often mistaken for a teenager shocks TikTok users by revealing she’s actually 35

A product manager has gone viral after revealing she’s often mistaken for someone half her age due to her youthful appearance.  

Sakina Jabeen, 35, from Manchester, told TikTok users she’s frequently asked if she’s in her early twenties – but is in fact more than a decade older.

In a video, which has racked up more than 224,000 views, Sakina said bouncers regularly demand ID when she goes to bars.

But Sakina later revealed she’s in her mid-thirties, shocking hundreds of social media users who said she looked like she could still be at school.

‘You look 19,’ one person commented, while another went a step further, claiming: ‘You look 11!’

‘Wow and you look ten years younger than that easily,’ commented a third in response to her age revelation.

’35!’ exclaimed one user, followed by a series of shocked emojis. ‘No way, wow girl you don’t look that age at all what’s the secret?’

‘I genuinely thought u were gonna say 19! Wow, that’s amazing,’ another admitted.

‘You look like you could be at school still,’ commented another. 

After one user asked what she looked like without make-up or filters, Sakina shared another video of herself removing her make-up, proving she looks just as young completely au natural.

‘You are beautiful, with make-up and even more beautiful without make-up. Definitely don’t look your age,’ an impressed TikTok user wrote. 

‘This can’t be true. I can’t stop looking,’ commented another.  

When a user asked to see what she looked like aged 20, Sakina shared a photograph of herself at 21 – showing she’s barely aged at all. 

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