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Woman left looking like Harry Enfield character Kevin the Teenager after a home bleach fail left her hair SMOKING

A WOMAN was left looking like Harry Enfield’s notorious character Kevin the Teenager after a home bleach dye fail left her hair smoking.

Hollie Murray, who has been dyeing her hair black for 12 years, claims she wanted a new look after giving birth.

The 25-year-old and her partner Nathan Hennon decided to bleach their hair blue and pink, but after being quoted £200 by a hairdresser, Hollie took on the task.

Despite expecting to leave it on for 45 minutes, within just three minutes Hollie was left in unbearable pain as the foil her hair was wrapped in became “kettle hot” to touch.

Video footage shows her head covered in bleach with wisps of smoke steaming from her dyed hair.

After conditioning and drying her hair, the couple were left in hysterics when Hollie’s frazzled ginger locks were identical to Harry Enfield’s orange chin-length hairdo.

And despite saving on the initial expensive hairdresser, the new mum says she now has to spend £200 on conditioners and products in a bid to save her hair.

Hollie, from Bournemouth, Dorset, said: “The whole thing was worth it purely for the Kevin thing.

“I couldn’t even be upset or angry about it because it was just so funny. I couldn’t get the images out of my head.

“I felt awful when I realised my hair was smoking. I laughed, admittedly, because it was burning my scalp.

“I turned to my partner and said, ‘it’s actually burning, like boiling burning’. I put tinfoil on it because obviously in hairdressers’ they wrap it in foil.

“So I thought I was being clever by wrapping my hair in tinfoil.

“The tinfoil kept the heat in and it was boiling. Even to touch the tinfoil on the top of my head was like touching a kettle.

“I lifted the tinfoil off and smoke came from my head, and he said you need to go [wash it off].

“We sat and giggled about it in disbelief really.

“He made the comparison once it was dry and you could see the ginger and that the ends were frazzled.”

Hollie sought advice from a hairdresser who warned her that her hair was probably delicate due to post-pregnancy hormones and suggested combining the bleach with conditioner instead.

After two more attempts to bleach it across three days, the support worker finally got it to a colour where she could dye it blue as planned.

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