Woman claims to have met ‘shadowy figures’ in the afterlife.


Woman claims to have met ‘shadowy figures’ in the afterlife.

A WOMAN who died briefly claims she saw “shadowy figures” after a near-death experience after drowning.

Because scientists lack definitive evidence of the afterlife, many people rely on anecdotes to tell them stories about life after death. One such narrative comes from Rebekah, a woman who drowned and died just temporarily.

Rebekah says she crossed over to the afterlife before being rescued by a lifeguard, when she saw “shadowy beings.”

According to Rebekah’s statement on the Near Death Experience Research Foundation, the genderless aliens gave her the option of staying in the unearthly region.

“Then I was abruptly somewhere else,” she wrote. I saw a spinning rainbow tunnel with the most gorgeous colors.

“It was quite bright. I saw angelic forms in the shadows. I thought I heard a voice.

“It was all around me,” says the narrator. I’m not sure if it was a man or a woman. ‘You have an option, you may continue on or go back,’ it said.

“For a brief period, I considered, ‘I want to grow up, and my parents would miss me.’

“The quiet and tranquility were overwhelming, but I decided to return.”

Rebekah says she no longer fears death as a result of her experience. I see it as a fantastic next step toward a better future.”

Although it is unlikely that an afterlife will ever be entirely established or disproven, studies feel that simply believing in it can be beneficial to an individual.

According to scientists, believing gives people a sense of optimism and hope, which can lead to a happier life.

“Holding open these notions about the potential of immortality can have positive consequences on health,” Suzanne Newcombe, lecturer in Religious Studies at The Open University, noted on the OU’s OpenLearn pages about Life After Death.

“From a biological standpoint, this hope may aid the body in fighting illnesses, boost the odds of spontaneous remissions, or allow the sickness to take its course, resulting in more equanimity for the patient.

“However, even if no biological change occurs, focusing on the potential of immortality might help some people disidentify from their physiological agony and build a more peaceful connection with their suffering.

“When this occurs, impossible beliefs in an immortal body or soul can appear completely rational and pragmatic.

“However, when immortality beliefs preclude attention to the.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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